Anyone expereinced a partial molar preg?

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Anyone expereinced a partial molar preg?

Hi all,
I'm here looking for support. I had a d&c on 8/26 and was informed today at my follow up appt. that they "think" it was a partial molar pregnancy. They said it was definitly NOT a molar pregnancy. My dr. said I have to go for weekly blood draws now until my hcg levels get to zero. She said once they are at zero we can TTC again, but it could take a long time till they finally get to zero. Anyone else expereinced this? Any advice? Thanks.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I have not had a molar myself. I hear doctors have differnt opinions as to when you can TTC again. I would think it would depend on how long it takes for you HcG to return to zero. I would see what the doctor says and then go from there.


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I don't have any personal experience with partial molar pregnancies, but I did find some info on what a partial molar pregnancy is that I hope you will find helpful:

I hope it doesn't take too long for your hcg to return to zero. *Huge hugs!*


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Thanks. Since I didn't have a complete molar pregnancy, my dr. is not as concerned. And she said it was not conclusive that it was a partial molar either, it just kinda looks that way. She said we can ttc as soon as I'm back to zero, but it may take many weeks or even months. I guess I just need to be patient.

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Oh, so sorry to see this... I'm so happy it's not a full molar though. I was reading about it a few months back. Another girl had a m/c at the same time as me and her doc suspected a molar at first. The recommendation for a full molar is to wait a full year to become pregnant again. :eek: So I'm really happy they're letting you try again once you get back to zero. I hope it doesn't take too long for you! :bighug:

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I had a partial molar pregnancy that was discovered last April. I was 18 weeks along, but the baby died at about 14 weeks.
I am so sorry you are going through it!!
I also had weekly blood draws and after a few weeks my levels went to zero. I was told not to get pregnant for a year though. I have monthly blood draws now.
I haven't ovulated since I got off the pill 3 months ago though. My periods are all messed up too.
Big hugs to you!