anyone experience cyst following m/c? (pg ment)

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anyone experience cyst following m/c? (pg ment)

Not sure if anyone will have any experience with this, but it's worth a shot. First a little history: I found out in early Jan at almost 7 wks that I had a blighted ovum. I took one round of pills and m/c was incomplete. I found out last week, after another round of pills and a month of waiting, that my m/c is finally complete. They also discovered that I have a large cyst on one of my ovaries. I took fertility drugs, which may be the cause, or the doc said it could have just been brought on by the pregnancy. Well, now I am on bcp's, which I have not taken in years, to get rid of the cyst. Has anyone else had any experience with this? I was told not to wait until my first period following the m/c to take the bcps because they really want to try to get rid of the cyst. What does that mean for my cycle? I am feeling a tad crampy, but am only on day five of the pills. Could the pills be making me crampy? Or could everything be a little screwy due to the m/c, etc. Thanks if you have any insight!

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Sounds similar to my story!! I got pregnant at the end of June, 2006 after my 4th round of injectables and IUI. The preg. started off badly with heavy bleeding-I would have just thought it was AF and the cycle had failed, but b/c I was on progesterone suppositories as part of the cycle, I knew I had to take an HPT before discontinuing the prog. The test was positive and I totally freaked out. My beta came back very low and did not rise correctly for the first week or so and then all seemed to be ok. The dr. thought I had probably lost twin. A few weeks later, I went in for my first ultrasound and we had one beautiful sac and we thought all would be well. We had a heartbeat a week later, but 2 days after that I had a huge gush of blood. They did another ultrasound and found the heartbeat was not as strong as they would have liked, I had to wait a few days and go back in. Next time the heartbeat was only 67 and they told me to just wait it out. Either I would miscarry on my own, or they would schedule a D&C when the hearbeat totally faded. That happened about a week later and I had a D&C the next day. 3 weeks later we were at a party when I suddenly felt like AF was on the way-I knew I was bleeding and a little crampy. I called the office (as fert. patients do when it's cycle day 1) to find out about starting my next round. A few hours later, the cramps were so bad I thought I would die. My Dr. insisted it was just a bad period after m/c, but I knew something was wrong. The pain gto a bit better, but continued for weeks and I finally couldn't take it anymore. I went in for an ultrasound and I had a huge "cyst". They started me on BCP right away and I felt some relief. I did my next cycle about 6 weeks after the "cyst" was diagnosed. But into the next 3 cycles I did, that darn "cyst" showed up on ultrasounds until finally the Dr. decided I needed a laparascopy to check out what was going in in there. A year ago Thurs., I had the lap and they found a huge blood clot blocking my tube (probably causing the IUI's not to work). The Dr., I hear, was pretty amazed at his find and took a ton of pics of it. Now, we really don't know exactly what the blood clot was from. My Dr.'s first idea was an ectopic that cleared the tube and then got stuck, but when he sent it in for testing, it showed no fetal tissue. Maybe a burst cyst? Maybe leftover from the m/c? We'll never know for sure!! But, and sorry this has been soooo long, I would definitely keep an eye on it and not go ahead with more fert. drugs until it is totally gone. We wasted so much money and were so disappointed each time it did not work and it really had no chance with the blood clot there. You should feel pretty good relief from the cyst after just a few days on bcp. But things are also a lot screwy after a m/c...every time I called my Dr. he so reminded me of that! Definitely call, though, if he pain gets intense. Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

P.S. After all I went through, my story does have a happy ending, so hang in there! Wink

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I haven't had one but wanted to know I'm thinking of you and hoping that cyst goes away quickly. I know they are fairly common and most are easy and quick to go away.