Anyone had a m/c after a normal u/s?(preg ment)

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Anyone had a m/c after a normal u/s?(preg ment)

I am 8 weeks pregnant and started having light-moderate bleeding on Monday. My doc did an u/s and everything looked fine - baby had a nice strong heartbeat and the sac was measing 7 wk 3 dys, which she said was within the normal range. The bleeding improved, but returned last night. I went back to my doctor and the baby is still looking good but the sac measured smaller at 6 wks 6 dys. The doctor seems optimistic, but I can't help but think that the odds of this pregnancy continuing normally are slim,especially since the bleeding has not improved.
DH and I have read several stories of women with first trimester bleeding where everything turned out fine, but I think it's giving us false hope. Have any of you had a similar experience that ended in loss? Please don't worry about scaring me (I'm already terrified) - I really just want to be prepared for what's to come.

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Hey! I dont have a personal story about it, I actually had light bleeding on and off during my 6th pregnancy (5th living child- Will, my 2 year old) and it turned out totally fine. We started with a subchorionic bleed, then later we had placenta issues (previa) that bled, and then at the end we had a little placenta separation, but he was fine. I do know once you see a strong heartbeat, the chance of miscarriage drops to only 10% chance. So, I would imagine there would be a 10% chance that something could still go wrong with your pregnancy. 90% chance you are fine. Your doc is probably feeling like statistically you will be fine. I will pray that you stick to the majority and your bean sticks for you!! Hopefully its just a subchorionic bleed or the placenta and once it resolves you will be fine.

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I went in because of light bleeding on a friday and had an u/s at 7 1/2 weeks...she could see the baby but no fetal pole, but said my dates could be off and everything looked good. i started bleeding more the next day and ended up with labor pains sunday night and in the ER monday. they said i was loosing the baby...when i went in to my dr that afternoon i swear i saw the fetal pole-the baby looked bigger than it had on friday. but there was no white circle of fluid around the sac anymore and you could tell it was starting to move lower down so i had a D&C the next day.

This is just my story...but bleeding CAN be ok in a pregnancy, so i would just try to relax (HA!) and take it one day at a time. there is really no way even a dr can tell you something is going to happen-mine said everything looked fine but added that phrase that she couldn't promise nothing would happen...i know some people have said they bled the whole pregnancy. I had cramps along with the bleeding so if you aren't cramping, then i wouldn't worry too much.

I hope everything goes well. KUP. :bighug:


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I wouldn't worry too much yet. If your Dr. is being positive, try to be positive too (I do know that's easier said than done). I never had any bleeding, but we did get to see a normal healthy heartbeat twice before we found I had a missed m/c at 10 weeks. My OB said that it looked like our baby stopped growing a few days after the last u/s and she hadn't seen anything abnormal. I wouldn't tell you all that, I don't want to upset you, but you sound like you take an approach like me, the more info the better. It's easier to prepare for every possible thing that way. I do know of many women who have had healthy pregnancies after having bleeding, and it seems like more often than not, the Dr. tell you when to be worried. Your's has been really positive and I think that is a good thing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Good luck



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I had bleeding at 10 weeks due to a sub chor bleed. I thought sure I was losing the baby, so much blood. TMI it was dripping down my leg. I was put on bed rest for a week and the bleeding stopped. I delivered my daughter at 16 weeks due to a incompetent cervix, not from the bleeding I had at the beginning.

It sounds like your dr is watching you closely, unfortunately that is all you can do. Pray, watch closely and try to relax as much as possible.

Good luck

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I had a normal measuring baby and a normal u/s at ten weeks. The holidays fell when I should have gone in for my 14 weeks appt, which I just moved back to after the holidays. It would have been at 16 weeks. At 15 weeks, 1 day, I started bleeding and found out my baby had passed. BUT, it is somewhere in the 2% range for a miscarriage to occur after ten weeks, after a heartbeat has been seen. Seeing a heartbeat is a milestone, and decreases m/c rates substantially.

GOod luck!!! :bighug:

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I'm sorry you're going thru this... being worried really sucks.
I've been told by different docs and others that some women do bleed thru their entire pregnancy. The first 6 weeks I bled on and off and had 2 normal u/s. We saw the heartbeat at 6wks 1 day... we went in 3 weeks later and the heartbeat was low (92), but the baby hadn't grown at all. Unfortunately I lost the baby... this doesn't happen with all women. I have a friend who went in for an u/s at 12 weeks b/c she was bleeding... the heartbeat was 100 bpm, and the baby was measuring small... they thought she was loosing the baby... she went in every other day for blood work and no levels dropped... she had an u/s at 14 weeks and the heart beat was 130 bpm and the baby was measuring right on track. The doc told her that 1 of two things may have occured... she measured incorrectly the last time or the baby hit a growth spurt...

I'm praying for you and your bean... just take it easy and try to relax.


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I can give you both sides; I bled off and on (at least every other week but usually more often) for my entire 1st trimester and part of my 3rd for my 1st pregnancy and had a healthy baby. The doctor found no reason for the bleeding adn said 'sometimes it just happens'. For my second pregnancy I also had spotting. I had a normal u/s at 7 weeks because of bleeding and the doctor told me not to worry (ha!) unless I also had cramping. Unfortunately the bleeding turned heavy 2 weeks later and I had cramping then too and lost the baby at 9 weeks. An ER doctor told me the day before I had the m/c 'most women know when they are miscarrying'. He was only mildly reassuring since I was terrified at that point. But he was kinda right; when it really began happening, there was no doubt. Good luck to you. Take it easy and let your body and mind rest.

I'm currently 5 1/2 weeks and I'm scared each and every time I go to the bathroom, waiting for the bleeding to start. Even though I know bleeding doesn't = a loss, it's still the scariest thing ever.


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Hi sweetie,

I think the bleeding itself is really not indicative of whether the pregnancy is going to be viable or not. Many, many women experience quite substantial bleeding and go on to have healthy babies.

As to your quesiton about miscarrying after having a normal ultrasound, unfortunately, I did lose my baby that way. I had an ultrassound at 8 weeks and the fetus and heartbeat were strong and measuring normal. Then I had another at about 12 weeks, and everything was still fine. At my next appointment 16 weeks, the doctor could not find the heartbeat and a subsequent ultrasound showed that the baby had died. Everything else had seemed normal up to that point and the doctors said it was a very rare thing. However, I never had any bleeding at all, not even after we discovered the baby had passed, and had to have a D&C. So for me, bleeding didn't have anything to do with it.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can really do right now but wait. I know that can be the cruelest thing of all. I'm so sorry you're going through this!


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Well hun, I did have an m/c after a perfectly normal u/s. I had a strong h/b and everything and then it was over within a couple of days.

But that does not mean you are headed for the same fate so please don't lose hope.

I'm sending you extra sticky vibes!!!!!


I am now 25 weeks and have had 2 bleeding episodes. One at 6 weeks and one at 19. And it turned out to be issues unrelated to the baby. Also the MW in my OB's office said that for both of her pregnancies she had MAJOR bleeding throughout the 9 months and passed big clots. And both her girls are now in high school.

Hang in there hun and please KUP!!!!