Anyone? m/c ment

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Anyone? m/c ment

I'm stressing a little about TTC again. This last time was my first pregnancy and I know that you are supposed to have some 'growing pains' and such, but I didn't think mine were right from the very beginning. I guess I'm wondering what is 'normal' for those pains. See, for me, from about 5 1/2 weeks on, I had horrible low back pain and some cramping, but I get my menstrual cramps more in my low back than anywhere and that's what it felt like, like I was about to start my period, but almost worse. I did tell the OB about it, she never seemed worried. Even after being diagnosed with endo she didn't consider me at all high risk. We found out at 10 weeks (on 9/11) that the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks 2 days, and my back was killing me so much for those few weeks. I guess I'm scared that something was wrong from the beginning and what if its wrong again. I know I have a good OB, I really like her, but I just feel like it wasn't right to have so much back pain and I'm just not sure what to think from here. Any advice???

Thanks in advance,

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I don't have any asnwers but when I m/c I had major back pain that night..never even thought it was labor untill after I m/c.Hope you find the answers your looking for.

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I have to say....I am not sure that it is so easy to tell the difference....I would say with my losses...the spotting was always the *sign* ...minimal cramping would then start...I could feel my cervix start to contract...really bad low back ache...and than really bad cramping in my stomach...much worse than AF pains..

Fast forward to this pregnancy....I had some cramping/low back pain where I swear, I thought....this is goes another one to heaven....I was convinced...but then after a few days it stopped...So, I suppose this was normal, for me at least, cramping/back pain caused by what seems to be a normal pregnancy..

I would say if you fall pregnant again...*try* not to worry so much about the cramping and back this normally will come in early pregnancy, and at other various times during pregnancy as one grows more....*Spotting/light bleeding* with cramping/back pain, would be the only sign that trouble *may* possibly be present...In cases like this, the pregnancy usually will go 50/50 either way..

Your OB should keep a close eye on you the next time around...What is her plan for the endo? does she have one?? is one needed? You may have already said....I am sorry if I have is late here..


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I dont have any experience with first trimester loss, but with both of my angels i did have AF like cramps for weeks. It felt like AF was going to arrive at any minute, but i knew (hoped) she wouldnt because i knew i was pregnant.

I remember in the early days on both of my birth boards there were many many posts from ladies worrying about cramps and spotting and even bleeding (I was one of them). I can honestly say that with those things you can never really tell which way things are going to go.

With Ada i had cramps and bleeding like a period at 4 weeks and i was certain we had lost her, but she was fine (until the stillbirth at 25 weeks of course). Then there are some people who have no signs at all and their poor angels dont make it.

I guess what i'm trying to say is dont worry, but i know full well how hard that is.


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Both of my losses were first trimester losses. One was at five and a half weeks and the other at 9 weeks. My symptoms were very similar with both losses--I had really bad back and stomach cramps, and a lot of bleeding (starting out brown and turning red and clotty).

(preg mentioned)

The baby that has stuck with me (I'm thirty-one weeks now) has been completely different. I DID have bleeding when I was seven weeks along, and even had some gray-matter come out. I have no idea what that was. I was sure I was miscarrying again, although I didn't have any cramps/back pain. I went in and they found the baby's hb right away. I have definitely noticed differences between this pregnancy and the two that m/c'd. My m/s has been much more severe with this pregnancy, and my sense of smell was affected right away (before I even knew I was pregnant). The other symptoms were the same in all three pregnancies (tender breasts, bloated feeling).

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m/c still ment

I know that each pregnancy and each person is different and thank you for sharing with me, it does help. I had a the lap done in Feb and my OB found endo on my ureter and bladder then a few small spots elsewhere. She didn't remove them because of the places that they were, the ureter and such. She thought it could do more harm than good. Throughout the month I have always had crazy back pain, that's how I knew something was wrong and we did the laparoscopy. As I said, from about 5 weeks all the way up until we found out about our loss, I had low backpain that was worse than with AF. I never had any bleeding or spotting, nothing, just the crazy backpain. I was using a pillow behind my back sometimes and I just didn't think that was right for so early. In some sick twisted way it almost makes me feel better that I had the back pain so early and for so long, it almost makes me feel like there was really something wrong with the baby from the start and then maybe it wasn't something that I did or didn't do. I know it wasn't my fault, but we still tend to think about that. I never even had a cycle after my lap, but with the endo, I haven't known a normal cycle in more than 10 years, so I have taken PG tests every couple months as needed even when I wasn't trying and that is how we found out this time. Some people have brought up how it was probably the first time I OV since the lap and that could have been some of the problem. Either way, the OB still doesn't think there is much cause for concern. I am kind of thinking that I would like to have some testing done before really TTC again, but I don't know. This is all just so confusing...

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Try not to worry. There is a hormone or enzyme? released during pregnancy called elastin that relaxes your muscles and could contribute to back/hip pain. That may be what you experienced. I doubt it was back/labor pain that many weeks before your loss. It wouldn't hurt to talk to your doctor about it but I doubt you would need any testing, etc.


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I had a second trimester lost. Through it all I had heaviness in my lower region. The doctors said it was probably ligament pain. Then the Sunday before I m/c I had the worse back pain every. I was in the hospital anyway on bedrest and the nurses just thought it was from lying around. Looking back now I know I was in full labor. If things don't feel right tell someone until they listen to you. Our babies are too important for us just to ignore symptoms. They could be an early indication as to something. If your ob knows your history then they shouldn't mind your extra concern or questions. Remember they work for you.