Appointment Outcome (MC & TTC ment)

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Appointment Outcome (MC & TTC ment)

We found out that our little star was a little girl, i knew deep down she was a girl. A perfect little girl too. There was nothing wrong with her at all. There is nothing wrong with me or Chris either. It was basically just sheer bad luck that she didn't make it as there was not one thing wrong with her. All the tests came back negative. She died just before 15 weeks - i found out at 16 and a half weeks.

The consultant was lovely. He said there is no reason not to try again and if he had a last £100 in his pocket he would bet it in our favour that everything will be healthy next time. He has said if/when we get pregnant again they will monitor us closely and we will be given scans at 7, 12, 15 and 20 weeks so that was good to hear as i know it will be hard to relax at any of the usual pregnancy milestones.

I feel a bit weepy now but I am glad we have all the answers we can and i think we will try again soon and just hope so much that we are due some good luck next time round. Third time lucky??

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What bittersweet news for you! i am sorry you lost your star. But so glad that nothing seems to be amiss! The very best of luck to you when you TTC again!

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I agree with PP about a bittersweet appt. I am happy you got some answers though and I hope when you do conceive again that you will know your little daughter will be shining down on you



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Hugs hon. I am glad the appt went as well as that kind of thing can. Thank goodness for a wonderful consultant. I am so sorry that you lost your perfect little girl.

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:bigarmhug: I'm sorry that you lost your perfect little girl, but glad you were able to get some answers. When you begin TTC again, I truly wish you all the best!

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I'm sorry you did not get a reason for the loss of your daughter. Keeping fingers crossed for TTC!