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is Tessa's birthstone. It is in the ring that James gave me this morning for Mother's Day. It has my birthstone, diamonds around an aquamarine stone. James said that this represents me surrounding her with love.

I fully intended on going to church this morning. But once again the panic attacks have taken over. James and I are going out to house hunt instead. I think maybe we will go to the evening service. There will be less people there. I want to go back to church and I know that if I just do it once, it will be ok...

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The first step is always the hardest to take. I agree that it will get easier every time you go. :bighug:

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Your ring sounds so beautiful. I would love to see it if you could scan it...

Did you go to church tonight??

I just could not do it today... Sad

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I would love to see hte ring too! It sounds so beautiful & what an amazing Dh you have!!!