Baby Aspirin?? or other meds?

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Baby Aspirin?? or other meds?

I have been pregnant three times. I am blessed to have one beautiful little girl and unfortunately have had two miscarriages (one before my daughter and one after). My husband and I have decided to try again. I have read so many people taking baby asprin during pregnancy- can someone tell me what does it do? Has anyone taken anything else during pregnancy to try to prevent or lessen the changes of pregnancy? I am seeing my doctor this week and thought I would ask her as well.


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I have not taken anything. However, I have read that baby aspirin helps to thin the blood and is usually taken by those will clotting problems.

I hope that you find the answers that you need.

I am so very sorry for your loss.

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Low dose aspirin can be used if you suspect blood clotting problems, but...

My maternal-fetal medicine specialist recommended me not taking it because it increases your chances of a rare birth defect where the baby's abdomen doesn't close. She had me do a detailed blood work-up to make sure I have no signs of a clotting problem, then not take it.

As for things you should take...prenatals for sure. You can also ask your doc about progesterone supplements, but the jury is out on whether they actually help, even for people with known hormone deficiencies.

I would ask your doctor to do some detailed blood work to rule out various problems. They should test your TSH (thyroid), blood count (anemia), blood clotting stuff, anti-cardio lipins, and lots of other stuff I can't remember. At least if they find an underlying health problem they can often fix it. They often don't find anything, though.

The good news is there is probably nothing wrong with you. The bad news is that it doesn't give you much comfort for the next pregnancy.

Good luck!

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I took it while trying to get pregnant and while I was pregnant.
However, I have an autoimmune disorder that causes blood clots between the placenta and the uterus. You can ask you OB to test you for it, it it called APA.
It is a simple blood test.

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I have no experience with taking medicine for pregnancy reasons. So I'm afraid I can't add anything constructive here.

But I've written to say I'm sorry for your losses, and I wish you all the very best for another wonderfully healthy baby.


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I'm very sorry for your losses hun!

I have read that some doctors will prescribe baby aspirin when no other cause can be found. I have no idea if that's a good idea or not, but I think the reasoning behind it is, the belief that there are many blood clotting disorders that have yet to be identified so the baby aspirin is kind of a "just in case" jesture. Which if you think about it, is basically a shot in the dark.

***** preg/child mentioned********

Having said that, I was on blood thinners throughout my recent pregnancy. I was on both baby aspirin and lovenox. And was closely monitored throughout. I was also put on metformin, progesterone supplements and high dose folic acid for the first trimester. But again, I had a diagnosis and the meds were the result of that extensive testing.

I would def ask your doc about it, but I would also ask about any kind of testing that s/he can do to look for some possible causes. PP mentioned thyroid issues, there's the blood clotting disorders, there's auto-immune disorders, genetic disorders, and other things that can all be investigated.

Of course not everyone discovers a cause which can be frustrating. I am one of the lucky ones, they found a treatable genetic disorder that I was able to overcome.

Lots of luck hun!!! I hope to find you on the PAL board one day soon!!!!

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LOTS of prayer for healing was the first thing that I *took*..I was also put on 81mg of baby aspirin, 800mg of progesterone, extra folic acid (also helps with clotting disorders), and a pre natal. I now have a healthy son, after having many, many, losses.

I was not diagnosed with any clotting disorder. My RE could not find any reason for all of my many losses. As a result, this was what was prescribed for a woman like me.

My RE said that 81mg of baby aspirin (a very low dose) would not hurt, only help. He said that I very well could have some problem...clotting issue..that I could not be tested for, because the disorder did not have a name yet.

the progesterone, in high doses, will also help with autoimmune problems...NKa cells for one.

I believe aspirin also helps with pre-e.