Back Again (pg ment, m/c ment, l/c ment)

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Back Again (pg ment, m/c ment, l/c ment)

Hi Girls,
Unfortunately I am back. For those of you who dont' know me, I'm Julie, 28. Dh is Nate, 28. We have been blessed with two beautiful children, Olivia, 3yrs, Noah 1.5yrs. This was pregnancy #5. I had 2 m/c before the kids, back in 2006. We found out we were pregnant in Sept (due May). I miscarried just under 2wks ago (I was 2mos). Physically this was much easier than the first 2 m/c's (just like a normal period, no cramping. Emotionally is easier so far because I am so busy with the kids, and also because physically it wasn't as bad, kwim? Although I am struggling lately, as so many people I know are pregnant, or announcing they are pregnant. I am trusting that everything happens according to God's plan, and that gives me great comfort. But I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.. some days are better than others... I am so very sorry to hear of your losses.. I can understand what you are going through, and while I wish we didn't have to experience such losses, its nice to know others can relate to us. Does that make sense? Anyways, hugs to everyone. Oh, I have an u/s tomorrow afternoon to make sure everything is out in case of infection... not really looking forward to that to be honest. Thanks for listening to me ramble though Smile

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You'll be in my thoughts Julie. I'm glad (if such a word can be used under the circumstances) that you are having an easier time with this m/c. Big hugs, and I hope all goes well tomorrow.

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So sorry for your loss. Warm hugs and prayers :bigarmhug:


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I am so sorry for your loss. How did your U/S go? Sending hugs.