Back from D & C

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Back from D & C

First of all thank you for all your support in my previous thread. As usual, you had lots of kind words and support to offer.

Well technically I did not have a D & C, it was a D & E, fairly similar thing I think though. I got to the hospital about 8am and was taken down to theatre about 12. I was home by 6, cause I got up, ate and went to the loo by myself and I was so ready to come home. The whole procedure was not as bad as I had worked myself up for which was a real relief. The staff at the hospital were wonderful and so sensitive with me. It was as positive an expereince that it could have been under the circumstances. I had a few tears as I said goodbye to Dh when they took me to theatre but other than that I held it together quite well. I kept focused by thinking of DH and DD and DS. My Dh was waiting right outside the door when I came out of recovery and I was so relieved to see him, that I had a few tears again.

Now im home, I feel a bit numb, and dizzy. Had a few more tears but feeling more positive about moving on.

Thanks for listening, I hope you are all as well as can be expected.

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I had the same thing, a D&E. I could have written what you posted. I hope this helps you gain some closure and begin to heal. :bighug:

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I have been thinking of you all day. Hang in there girl and take it easy.

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Hi again, im glad your back home and recovering. Its a strange feeling post op, i remember relief that it wasnt so bad but i think i was more upset than ever that evening, i made myself physically sick from crying. Its so emotionally draining. Now today is over with you may have a bad night like me but it will get better slowly. (((HUGS)))

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I'm glad things went OK for you. I hope the road to recovery is a short and easy one.

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I'm glad you're home and on your way to recovery. Just be sure and take it easy on yourself for a bit, okay?

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I'm glad things went well.


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hugs and hugs and great big fuzzies. I am glad you are back home and DH is so very supportive. Remeber if you feel down you can always come here and express your self.

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Just take it easy for the next few days, and know we are here when you need us.

:bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug:

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I am grateful that you had a caring and sensitive staff. I am also glad to hear that it went well all things considered. I hope that you feel better soon.