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back pain

I'm just have a question, is lower back pain a symptom of impending miscarriage?? My lower back, right down at what feels like the tip of my tail bone has been absolutely killing me today, so i'm wondering if maybe my body is getting ready to finally miscarry naturally, or if it is just my arthritis coming back after going into remission for the 2 short months i was pregnant. Even with the arthritis before i got pregnant, i never really had pain in this part of my back, this is why i am thinking things maybe starting to happen. thanks

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I actually had back pain about a week before my mc started. I also had a friend who has had 2 mc and she had this weird backpain about 5 days before hers too. Im not sure if its considered a symptom, but for me it was not long after I had the pain in my back that the bleeding started. Im sorry you are going through this.

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I had back pain the whole time I was pg. Just before I knew my baby had died I found out I had a water infection and I was put on antibiotics which made the pain go away. But I would still say the pain is due to your natural m/c.

I'm sorry your going through this!

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:bighug:It may very well be the start of the m/c

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I am sorry about the back pain. I hope that your body does what it needs to soon.


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well nothing has started yet, still have the backpain though. I am going for my u/s today, and if it shows the same thing as before then she will be giving me the meds. i am so incredibly nervous. I really don't know what is going to happen, i have never been through this before, so i really don't know what is in store for me.

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I am thinking of you!