BAD DAY!! (m/c & ttc ment)

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BAD DAY!! (m/c & ttc ment)

Well today has been a very hard day!! We lost the baby in may but we thought we had gotten pregnant again before AF came back but unfortunately we didnt! AF started today and it was soo hard! It was like 2 disappointments....1) we are not pg now 2) our first loss is final! It was so hard to see the bleeding it brought everything back! Im so upset! Also we would have been able to find out next week what we were having! Man I have just had such a rough day! I feel like such a failure! Not to mention I kept telling DH that I just knew I was pg again soo guess what I get to let him down AGAIN!! I really didnt think getting my first period back would be this hard!! Please if its your thing please say a prayer for me! I need it more than ever!

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It's is my thing. I will say lots and lots of prayers.

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I am so sorry Sad First AF is always so hard :comfort:

I know the horrible feeling, of having to tell dh anything negative...The feeling that you have let him down..That said, you *have not*. These things are just not in your (our) control..remember that.

Thinking of you...


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I'm so sorry about your loss. I know it is hard to get your hopes up and then have them crushed by AF. I am sure you did not let your husband down, he loves you and is proably hurting for you too.


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Lots of hugs and prayers to you.


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I am so sorry AF is being hard on you. Getting here every month is hard when you are so conscious that you have been set back and that you should have baby / be pregnant still. Sad

:goodluck: for this upcoming cycle hun.

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I'm so sorry.

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Look at the positive - in two weeks you will be Oing and possibly conceiving - my thoughts are with you and DH! Good luck.