BD after D&C (pg/ttc ment)

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BD after D&C (pg/ttc ment)

Hi ladies,

I seemed to have stopped bleeding from the d & c i had on saturday. I know the doc advised not to bd until i get my first af but what do you all think? I know they like to know when you have af so they can date a pregnancy but what about is it safe due to potential infection?? Im not talking bd so we can start to ttc again, if i get pg then great i guess but we are not gonna start activly trying til after af. Also, is it bad for you to get pg so soon after a d&c, i mean will there be enough lining to implant? If there is a risk then i think we will leave it til after my first af. This wasnt something that was really discussed with me in the hosp so i dont have a clue. I have read differently everywhere, some ladies say they got pg straight away, some say they waited a month, some say a few months! Help!

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You should wait because of the chance of infection I think is high. I would wait until after you first AF before returning to bding. Sorry that is just my opinion.


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hi Angie, my dr said wait 10 days after my D&C to BD, just because the risk on infection. Dr also told me to just wait til AF showed before we started trying again.


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I think it's best to wait until the bleeding has stopped because of the risk of infection, but other than that i've heard that there is no advantage to waiting until after your first AF really, other than being able to date the pregnancy.

BUT, it's important that you do what you feel comfortable with. If you wouldn't want to risk it and it would raise a lot of "what ifs" in the event of another loss, then perhaps you could wait?

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child mentioned

I agree-do what YOU feel comfortable with. I know from my own experience, that my 5 year old was conceived 3 weeks after my 1st miscarriage and he's living proof that it doesn't hurt-there isn't anything wrong with him. That's not to say something wouldn't happen but the ultrasound tech told me that some people like to start trying right away b/c after a D&C your body is completely cleaned out and it's like a clean slate. Just my personal belief and experience but i know there is a risk of infection until you at least stop bleeding. Just trust your instincts!

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I can't answer this question from experience because I did not need a D&C but imho I think I would go with what your Dr. advised.

In the end it is still your body and your decision. I hope everything goes well.


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Thanks for your advice ladies. Im still not sure what we are going to do. I think for sure we wont bd for at least a couple of weeks to make sure i dont get any infection. I think once i start ttc again it will help ease the pain of the loss. I will of course keep you all posted!

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I have no answers for you. I just wanted to say that I am glad to hear that you are healing well.


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*lurk* Hey dear, just figured I'd drop my experience in. With a D&C, I'd wait. Many of us, me included, who got pregnant right after a miscarriage did NOT have surgical intervention. I lost my pregnancy naturally at around 6-7 weeks and conceived two-ish weeks later. Technically it was easier because of my hormone levels, but it is still not advisable.

But with a D&C, I would err on the side of caution and NOT chance introducing any bacteria in. Just like immediately postpartum, when your cervix is dilated you chances of getting a nasty infecting that could scar your uterus and tubes is quite elevated.

I agree TTC right away did definitely help me deal with my loss in that I didn't feel like such a failure for too long, but the downside is that sitting here, two pregnancies later I feel guilty that I didn't mourn that baby sufficiently... like I tried to replace him. I'm sorry, this probably doesn't help or make much sense.

Good luck with TTC after a loss. It is a journey, and I pray it is a short one for you!