Been to see Sarah

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Been to see Sarah

Umm, I went to the hospital with Sarah's friends Jennie and Lauren and my hubby yesterday.
Sarah was doing well physically, pale and still on a drain but ok, she's been on exciting trips to the shower and loo! Scott seemed ok, just fed up with being in the hospital, wanting to take Sarah home.
We didn't all sit there being miserable, we had a laugh at some good old fashioned toilet humour and some fun with Sarah's glamorous drain bag!
It felt very good to see her doing so well physically. One of my main worries was that she would be in pain or have long term damage.
I know going home will bring new feelings for them and start the next "phase" in their grief. I know she will be online asap and she is having serious laptop (flipflop) withdrawals already.
Sorry, this is a very disjointed, badly written post really, I'm just spitting things out as they occur to me. Now the initial "drama" of the weekend is over, the saddness is really setting in. I have been worrying so much the past few days and now I'm just really drained and low. The one thing that reassures me is Sarah and Scott's fantastic relationship and how strong and level headed they are. If anybody can get through this shitty situation and come out fighting, it's them. They arn't bitter or angry people. I'm just hoping to there and be a good friend over the coming months. Doing things, any things possible helps me to feel useful I guess!
I will drop Sarah a line later. See how she's doing today. She know how much support and love is here and says she can't wait to see all the posts and dedications.
I'm sure you'll join me in sending her much love and many hugs.

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Anna...Thanks so much for the update again...I am so glad she has such a wonderful support system around this will help her tremendously..

I hope they let her go home soon...


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thankyou for another update!

Hope you are home soon Sarah. Hugs and prayers!

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Thanks for the update, glad to know Sarah is physically doing well. I hope she is home soon, so she can get some good rest. They continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.