beta and D&C question

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beta and D&C question

Hi all,

i m/c'd on june 7th. went to the doc on monday and there was still a little bit of the sac in there. he said he would wait until next monday to see if i could pass it on my own. they also took my hcg levels on monday. the result was 11 (down from 82 from 5 days earlier).

i'm going in tomorrow for another beta and hoping it's below 5 (that's what the nurse said it has to get to).

my question is: if my beta goes below 5 (or lower is better) then is a d&c necessary? would there still be stuff leftover if my beta had gone down? i want to avoid a d&c and move on and try again but i'm not sure what the deal is with beta #s and needing a d&c.

any help is truly appreciated.


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I am so sorry you lost your baby Sad

As far as betas and D&C's go...If your numbers are going down, which they seem to be...11 is pretty low..I would bet that you release the rest on your own...

The above said, if you do not release in the next week...Your doc may want you to have the D&C to avoid possible infection...

If you want to release naturally...And this does not happen by the next time you see your doc...Ask how long you can safely wait..

KUP.. :bighug:


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thanks marie.

i asked the nurse today when i went in for yet another beta (nothing more depressing than getting a beta test HOPING for the numbers to go DOWN) about whether or not i needed a d&c if my numbers go down below 5. she said no but that i still needed to go in for the u/s on monday just to make sure.

thing is, i haven't bled in like a week. so i don't think anything is coming out. unless it re-absorbs.

fingers crossed that i don't have to get this d&c and i can just move on.

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Hi Nancy

I'm afraid I don't know anything about the beta count, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that you release naturally, as you wish to.

Not to be a pessimist, but if this doesn't happen I'd just like to assure you that D & C's are really quick, gentle and commonplace procedures. I had one and had absolutely no complications -- all was fine. Also, when this topic has come up here on this board before, I learned that I was certainly not the only one -- so many of us have had D & C's and there were no problems whatsoever.

I just wanted to reassure you, in case you have to have one. But, because of your strong feelings, I really hope you don't.

Great big bear hugs,

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I just had D&C Tuesday. It wasn't that bad. 20 minutes for the entire procedure. They knocked my ass out and then when I woke up, they were done. I have spotted here and there, but I think it will be done with in another day or two.

I had to have one though. My pregnancy didn't develop beyond 6 weeks. We wanted to be sure, so we had another round of blood test and another sono. No growth or heartbeat.

I chose to go ahead and have a D&C. I am anemic and am prone to PID. I just didn't want to wait either. So, that was the best choice for me. I am not trying to tell you what to do, but it really isn't bad. I can say that I feel a lot better.

Good luck and I am so sorry for your loss. PM me if you like.

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I am so sorry. I'm glad your procedure went well.

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I hope I'm not too late. Ask your doc if you can take medicine instead. I've heard of people being prescribed Provera to bring on a period, as well as there is a medicine to induce m/c.

If you have no signs of infection, waiting is often safer than a D&C. I've miscarried 3 times naturally, and twice it took about a month with no problems before I finally miscarried. I've never had an incomplete m/c, though.

Good luck.