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So, i finally did it today-i took a HPT and it was negative-as dark as any line could be. It's been 3 weeks since my D&C but i've avoided doing it because i should be getting a BFP and i didnt' want to upset myself. But i figured i better make sure everything is back to normal before we TTC again. I'm a little bummed but glad i'm in the clear. i bought 2 extras so i will hide them away for awhile...


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I'm glad you got your BFN. I'm still waiting for mine and it's been 30 days since it all started (only 24 days from when the baby left, though).

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You must have mixed emotions about your BFN. Part of you is happy to be able to ttc but the other part still longs to turn back time.

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I hate those little tests. I hate that it was negative for you when it should be positive. Hang in there girl and soon enough it will be positive again.

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I know it is hard seeing the BFN but now you can look forward to ttc again. When you are ready there is a TTC after loss board that might be helpful.


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I know how much that sucks. I am sorry. Hopefully things will happen quickly for you.