birth control messing me up

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birth control messing me up

I really think my birth control is causing some of my anxiety issues. I was on Yaz then the ob switched to Yasmin. Still I am a mess the week before AF. My question is what if I stopped the birth control before getting to the placebo pills. I know AF will come early but do you think it is safe to do. I don't want these chemicals in my body anymore. Any thoughts?


I stopped birth control on Sunday and today Tuesday I have break through bleeding. If I bleed for a couple of days do you think I could it as AF?

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If you think you've already ovulated then you could stop them...there's always that chance you might get PG but i know i've stopped taking pills before i just because missed a few and it was close to the placebo pills so i said what the heck and started another pack after my AF. I agree though-BCP's can mess you up-have you ever tried the new Loestrin 24 FE pills? my dr switched me to those about a year ago and my AF became so light and only lasted about 3-4 days and i felt a lot better. just a thought...

hope you find something that works for you. i know it can be really stressful trying to find that right one that works for your body!


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I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I hate bc pills because they always seemed to make me so moody and emotional. Like the pp, I took Loestrin for awhile and that seemed to help. There are a lot less hormones in these pills so I think that helped. Maybe you could try that.
Hang in there! :bigarmhug:

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I would look into maybe a low hormone level BCP. It is worth a look. I hope that you find something that works for you and works well. Shelly

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