Bittersweet Day (preg ment/previous loss ment)

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Bittersweet Day (preg ment/previous loss ment)

I am 22.5 weeks today. I lost my son, Beckett, at 22.5 weeks. It feels good to move past that milestone, but I spent a good portion of the day (I am on bed rest) thinking about THAT day and replaying it in my head (it was last Nov).

I am also not out of any danger...and will not be for a long time and I am into week 4 of bed rest....BUT I keep telling myself that I at least got to my first mini milestone.

Anyway, I just thought this would be the best place to share these thoughts tonight.

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Hugs! I am so sorry that you lost Beckett. Find lots of things to keep you busy during your bedrest, and take it easy.

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I am sorry about your loss. However, hurray for hitting this milestone. It is in no way a mini milestone. I hope that you have plenty of things to do to keep you busy to make the bedrest a little easier. Here is to having a healthy screaming baby. I wish you all the best.


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It must have been a hard day for you sweetie, and i am dreading the anniversary of Zanes death. I hope that you could take comfort from those two new lives inside of you as well as taking time to grieve. It's a hard thing trying to stay positive for the babies we have now and managing the grief for the son we have lost.

It is not a small milestone to pass.


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Congrats on making it past this milestone hun! I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you, but you made it through! You're doing an amazing job of growing those two little guys, and I know Beckett must be very proud of his Mom. Smile


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Congrats on reaching that milestone.

I remember that bittersweet feeling of hitting 33 wks with Matthew.

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I lurk in on you from time to time as I am a member of Nov 07 and have a cerclage and am currently pregnant. I also had a stillbirth around the same time you did. I had my anniversary on July 22nd for my DS. Hang in there, we are all pulling for you. Congrats on passing your scary time Smile