Bleeding again

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Bleeding again

So it will be a week tomorrow since my D+C. The bleeding seemed to only last for 3 days then i have just had creamy cm. I went to the toilet about an hour ago and i had bright red blood not loads but enough that it looked like a period starting. It seems to have nearly compltely gone again now, is this normal? The doc did say i might bleed for 10-14 days, i just didnt expect it to completely stop and start a few days later.

Just another quick question whilst im here - so im still testing + on hpt which i expected as i have heard you can for quite a few weeks post D+C, i was just wondering how is this possible after everything has been removed? Is the hcg being produced still or is it leftover?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Angie
Don't really have an answer for you but I was told that if it turned bright red that I should go to the doctor. If it stopped perhaps everything is okay but just keep an eye out for it. It turned bright red for me but everything turned out to be okay. It happened on the day of Lily's funeral and continued the next day. They think it might have just been stress (but I still had to have a through exam by an OBGYN - yuck!).

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I would at least call your doctor and let them know. It's probably nothing but you'll feel better if you know for sure. Just take it easy if you can!


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The bleeding can stop and start, for sure. I wouldn't worry unless it's lots of blood (soaking pads). There is probably a bit of tissue left, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need more surgery or anything.

Is the line on your HPTs getting fainter? That's generally a good sign.

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Angie, did they not give you anything for the bleeding? I had my D&E yesterday and I was done bleeding by 5pm or so. I am taking something called Methergine to stop the bleeding. Maybe since we had different procedures, I don't know. :shrug:

Also hormones take quite a while to filter out of your system. I'd imagine postpartum women would probably test positive for a couple of weeks as well.

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Yes the bleeding can stop and go again especially if you are more active. If you soak a pad an hour with bright red, call the doctor, other than that it should be alright.


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After my m/c I bled for 3 or so days and then it stopped for almost two days. I got really excited...then a gush of bright red again. My dr. said it was normal. After that gush the bleeding stopped completely. I didn't have any spotting after that. As for the + test, I think it can take a while for the hormones to completely leave your system!

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The bleeding can stop and start for a few weeks. It is hard to tell sometimes if it is just bleeding or your period. Which is why they tell you to wait one cylce so they know how far along you are.
If it gets bad, soaking a pad within an hour or you get cramps call your OB.


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I hope that everything works itself out for you. Shelly

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I think everyone has answered your questions, so just a hug from me!


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thanks ladies! The bleeding stopped but its started again. Its not bright red anymore, just kind of brownish (sorry if tmi!) like at the end of af. It seems to come and go! I feel ok in myself and no pain so i guess this is normal.

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I agree that its very normal for that to happen. I had a loss at 9 weeks and didn't get a negative HPT until about 4 weeks post D&C, but I think that part is different for everyone.

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sorry it's a constant physical reminder :bigarmhug:

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Angie, the bleeding I guess depends on the individual. As for the + HPT...I was testing + 3 weeks after my d&c...but it was because they didn't get it all Sad I had to have a 2nd d&c 4 weeks after my 1st one. Then I had bloodwork done to make sure the numbers were going down, until they were 5.



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Gonna agree...Bleeding can be on and off for a while. Your hcg, as Shelly stated, with some women can take a bit longer to come down..That said, sometimes with D&C's and the like, the doc can miss poc (as the procedure is blindly done), which will cause HCG to stay elevated. Your body usually will resolve this on its own (more bleeding/clots/some tissue) But if not, *sometimes* a second D&C/D&E is required (this happened to me twice)

The only other thing that I can think of is infection....But you def don't seem to be symptomatic of having that..

Give it another week or so... :bighug: Make sure to set a follow up appt with your doc...Call in the meantime, just so he is informed.