bleeding question...maybe tmi

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bleeding question...maybe tmi

So I had the baby on 8/03....and bled until around idk...the 3rd week of august. I started birth control mid-aug.....and on Sept 1st I started bleeding again.

I was in the middle of my bc pills, and didnt stop taking them....i figured it was my first AF coming was brown and very light. Well around the 4th or 5th it turned deep red and and got really heavy. Its been like a 'normal' period since then....but the last day or so Ive been noticing a lot of tissue. Im also in a lot of pain, but my periods have always been like that. this normal? No one told me what my first period would be like. So those of you who lost your LOs around the same time as me (22 weeks), was your first AF like this?

Ive been bleeding for 12 days now, and frankly its starting to piss me off.

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It sounds alot like what happened to me after I lost my baby at 21.5. I ended up going to the dr and it was a hormonal imbalance that I was told was caused because of giving birth too early. It was fixed by changing my birth control and a giving me a hormone supplement for a month. If it is bothering you, call your dr and get checked.

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I bled and spotted for about 2 weeks after my loss at 20W1D and then had a period about 3 weeks later. My first period after my loss was very normal in comparison to how my periods had been pre-pregnancy. However, I wasn't taking BC pills, which I'm sure could change things. I'm not sure there is any "normal" for all women ... this was just my experience.

Sorry you're feeling so uncomfortable ... :bighug:

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I'm sorry I don't have any info, but 12 days does seem like a long time. I would call and talk to the nurse at your doc's office and see.

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I agree that it might be a good idea just to get checked out at the doctors. I havent had my first AF yet and i dont really know how being on BC might affect it...

Do you feel well in yourself? I know that if you start to feel feverish or anything it's best to see a doctor about it.

Could it be something to do with when you started taking BC? It's been a loooong time since i first went on it, but dont you have to wait until a certain point in your cycle? Maybe i'm wrong, can't really remember...

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My first AF after delivery of 16 week baby girl was horrible. Cramps and heavy bleeding like I never had before with other periods. The doctor said as long as you don't bleed through a pad in an hour it is fine. I bleed for 6 days. 12 seems alittle too long. You should call your doctor.

Sorry about your loss

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I bled for 6 weeks after giving birth to Jack at 19w3d. I don't know about you ladies but my first AF and every AF since has been like a serious Tsunami the first 2-3 days, then nothing, not even light spotting. I thought it would be that way maybe a couple months after but it's never changed. I've even had to stay home from work because I literally would be changing products every hour! Sometimes even 30 minutes. My DR said I was OK, but we're all different and there is no harm is asking your DR.

Also I have no idea how BCP would effect it.


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Hi Starr,

My first AF was probably 8 days. Other than sounds a lot like yours. I did have some tissue and clotting, I worried about the tissue the most. It was small pieces though. Are yours small or large?

Since you are heading towards two weeks with some tissue, i would probably call the nurse line and see what they say.

I had a couple annovlatory cycles with my first couple periods after my 22 week loss as well. I think I just needed to re-regulate. they were definitely longer than my normal AF.

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I know my situation is different but thought it might help..

My loss was at 12 weeks. I bled on and off, mostly on, for about 10 weeks. When I finally got what I thought was a normal af I started a cycle of bleeding for 2 weeks, stopping for 2 and then starting all over. I was put on Provera for 10 days and the bleeding stopped. After 3 days off the pill it started again and lasted for 2 weeks. After that I had an ultrasound and was told that my lining was very thick. They put me on bcp for a month gradually working down from 4 a day to 1 a day. That has gotten things under control for the most part. I've had 2 cycles now that lasted around 30 days but I af still lasts for 8 or 9 days and I'm still not ovulating. I did have some pain when I was having the heavier days of bleeding. Not really sure what it was from though.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd get it checked out. I waited and if I had gone in sooner they could have started trying to straighten my hormones out sooner.

I hope you can figure out what is going on. Good luck


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Hi Starr,

Hope all is as good as it can be now. Been thinking about you and checking back to see if you are still around. After I gave birth to Amaya at 21.5 weeks I bled for like 5 weeks, had a break, then started up again for another week or two. Not sure if the second was AF, but I am guessing so. I was not on bc at that point. Maybe the bc is what is messing it up.

I would call your doc just to be sure.

Thinking of you.