Blood clotting disorders (PG ment)

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Blood clotting disorders (PG ment)

I recently found out that I have two hereditary blood clotting disorders. They are called Factor V Lieden Mutation and Prothombin 20210A mutation. Both of these disorders can be the cause of recurrent miscarriages.

I have been told that if I had one of them, it would really be no problem but since I have both I will be considered extremely high risk when I get pregnant again. I will have to take Lovenox or Heparin during pg which is shots in the tummy.

I wondered if there was anyone out there that has BOTH of these mutations and if so have you or have you heard of sucessful pregnancies.


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I don't know about either of those. I just wish you the best of luck in the future.

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So sorry you are going through this. Can I ask you how does a person find out they have a blood clotting disorder. To my knowledge I have never been tested but I'd really like to know.

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You may want to pm ryubaby, she posts on Sept 07 and PAL, I know she had to have injections for clotting disorders, not sure which ones though,
Best Wishes

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I have APA/ACA, they are all somehow related. It is an autoimmune disease and yohur body attacks the fetus. It causes blood clots to form between the placenta and the uterus.
l/c ment

I was on Lovenox with Alex until 33 weeks, I was having preterm labor and needed a c-section, so they switched my to twice daily heparin. Lovenox is a longer acting form of heparin that prevents blood clots from forming. My BF had the same condition and she has two healthy boys. Just a tip, the injections hurt less in the tummy. I was not willing to belive it until I tried it. I had tostop and start giving tghem in my leg once I could not pinch any more skin.

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I lost a baby when I was 20 weeks along back in March and then in July I had a m/c at about 4-5 weeks. My Dr classified me with having multiple m/c's and suggested the tests. We did them and found out I have the hereditary blood disorders. My Dr actually tested me for a lot of things and this was the only thing that showed up. They took about 8-9 vials of blood from me and did a full blood work up. You might check with your Dr about getting these tests done. Take care.


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I'm sorry i dont have any advice to give hun. I just wanted to wish you all the very best for the future. I'll be rooting for you. :giveflower:

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Hey hun! I have two different inherited clotting disorders also but they are different from yours. I have hetero MTHFR and 2 copies of the PAI-1 genes. I am also considered extremely high risk.

***Preg ment***

I am currently 8 weeks along (farthest I've ever gotten). I am on metformin (for both PCOS and the PAI-1 genes apparently), baby aspirin, Lovenox (pre-filled injections) and metanex (the MTHFR gene means I also don't convert folic acid so this is a special form of it that I take every day).

The injections aren't what I'd call a party but they are not what I feared they would be. I inject them in my tummy every morning and I have found (thanks to the adice from the high risk board that ice really helps! It helps you not feel the needle at all and also helps with the serum. The Lovenox serum can burn a teeny bit and the ice really helps that a lot! Honestly I find swallowing all of my other pills far more annoying that the injection.

I am also on pelvic rest and have been told not to exercise.

I hope this helps! Lots of luck hun!!!

P.S. My mom probably had these disorders as well (she had many, many m/c's) and she had 2 kids without any of the above mentioned help, so I hope you find that encouraging!

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I have Protein C deficiency and have had multiple blood clots (I have had both a pulmonary embolism and a DVT). My husband is heterozygous for Factor V Leiden. My angel baby, Jasmine, died of a blood clot likely due to the combination of mine and DH’s blood clotting genes. During pregnancy I will be taking therapeutic doses of Lovenox and they will be monitoring the baby closely for any problems although they thing the chance that our next baby will have a blood clot is very low.