Boyd Andrew and Angel Lynns Story

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Boyd Andrew and Angel Lynns Story

The following is what I sent out in an email to family and friends explaining what all happened to me.

My experience of Friday April 24th to Monday 27th 2009

Wrote on Saturday
Friday at about noon twin a's water broke. I've been in the hospital since on bedrest. It is a wait and see what happens. If I get an infection it will start labor which they will be unable to stop as it would be life threatening it me. I have had no signs of labor yet my white blood cell count was slightly elevated from 11000 to 18000 but dr said that could be due to stress which needless to say I am. Both babies are looking good via u/s this am, baby a has some fluid left which is very good s/he was moving around. I think I'm staying at hospital til tomorrow at least. If everything continues to look good I would go home on strict bed rest til about 24wks then I would most likely be admitted to bedrest in a hospital that could handle delivery if something happens at that time.

Wrote Sunday
My WBC count went up 200 which isn't much. Baby A still has some fluid left and a heart beat so they both are still doing ok. In the hospital for sure til tomorrow to see what the wbc count does. The dr did bring up that if an infection does set in and labor doesn't start on own we would have to consider ending the pregnancy for my safety.

Wrote Monday
Sunday around 5ish pm I started to have contractions of course I didn't realize it at the time it really felt like gas. Then I noticed it was happening every 10 mins. The dr checked and I was 4cm. I was given some meds for the pain that made me really sleepy, so I rested for a while than labor stalled so we left it be. The dr checked with u/s and baby A was partially out with no heart beat. Boyd Andrew was delivered at 6:36am no contractions still even then, but little hope that baby b would stay in dr said almost 0%. Then the contractions came back terribly bad dr checked and I was 6-7cms I tried to keep using the sleepy/pain med but it didn't help at all. Dr offered me a pca pump or epidural. I eventually decided on the epidural and they couldn't get there fast enough for me as the pain was bad and coming every three mins lasting about a min. The epidural was so great I didn't feel any more pain. Angel Lynn was born alive at 5:12 and lived for an entire hour. There is a program called HALO(Hope after a loss organization) that deals with pregnancy loss the lady takes pics after they are born, dresses them and supported us through the whole thing starting on Friday. Brian and my parents were with us the whole time since about 10pm Sunday til probably 10ish Monday. Their funeral and burial took place on Saturday May 2nd

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Thank you for telling your story about your angels.

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Thank you for sharing the story of your precious angels :bigarmhug:

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thanks for sharing with us. I am so sorry you lost your sweet angels. Sad

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I am so very sorry for your losses of your Angels. Hugs.