Can anyone tell me why? (PG & children ment)

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Can anyone tell me why? (PG & children ment)

I found out I was pg on Easter. I had a beta done the next day and it was 7mlU/ml, you need a 5 mlU/ml to be "pregnant". I went back two days later and it was 19 mlU/ml, so it did double within 33 hours but was still low.
Saturday I started bleeding, I thought that was it. Sunday it turned to dark brown and though maybe. I took two Pg test Sunday night and both were (-). So Dh and I cried, I figured it was over with at only 5 weeks. Monday, my last test was calling to me to take it. I did and it came back (+). WTF? I took a few more and they all came back (+). I was still spotting, but very little and mostly at night after dealing with my 3 y/o and 16 m/o.

So, today I had a very bright BFP and went to get anopther beta.
I jsut got back from the bathroom and I am bleeding, this time with clots. Of course, the pg test came back (-).

Why? Why the emotional roller coaster. I do not understand, we seem like all good caring people why does this happen to us? I have to call and see what my results are, but I'm guessing it will not be good.
This sucks! Why does it have to be so up and down?

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Remember you don't know anything for sure until you hear it from the Dr.!!
So hold onto hope. The first spotting could of been implantation bleeding. Your two BFN could of been contaminated or to weak (if you drank to much liquid that day). Remember you have a much better chance of getting a BFN than a BFP. Spotting brownish blood is very common.

I know it will seem like forever until you get your test results back. But hang in there. I'll be praying for you!

:comfort: :bighug:

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Thank you.

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PG ment

Hi Missy

Keep the faith! It's my understanding that spotting without cramps doesn't mean m/c (and that cramps without spotting also doesn't mean m/c). It's only when they come together, that an m/c is likely. So all might be well (eventhough it's frustratingly up and down right now).

I know a number of women who spotted during each of their pg's and went full term each time with no problems.

So I'm staying hopeful for you!


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I am very sorry for what you're going through. Stay positive until you know for sure, and please keep us updated!

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I felt the same way as you. I'm the only girl in my family who waited until after marriage to try to have children. My sisters and cousin all got pregnant at a very young age and without planning. I thought I was doing everything the right way.

My husband and I tried to conceive for 6 months before getting pregnant in September. By November, the pregnancy had miscarried. I couldn't figure it out. I did everything right. I took vitamins, I cut out pop and caffeine, and I even went to weight watchers to learn how to eat properly. Why did this happen to me?

I certainly didn't think it was fair when other people that I knew had several abortions in their teens and didn't have any problem when they actually tried to conceive. So, for a real long time, I was angry at God. Since I had nobody else to be angry at, He was the one who I centered my anger at.

Then, during the beginning of Feb, I had a long talk with Him. I told him how I was losing my faith and needed something to believe in again. At that moment, I felt such an energy throughout my body. It was nothing like I ever experienced before and simply can't explain. But I knew at that moment, I'd be pregnant again this month.

About a week before my period was due, I started to notice that my sense of smell had increased immensely and my boobs hurt when my cat laid on my chest. So I thought that I was pregnant and decided to take a test. It was negative. For the next 5 days or so, I cried every morning and every evening. But my symptoms didn't stop. So 1 day before my period was due, I took the last test that I had and it turned up positive.

I think that I have come to realize that I have become closer to God. Maybe he wanted to bring me closer to him by having me experience what I did. I don't take my fertility or my health for granted anymore.

Even though my heart still aches for my loss, I wouldn't change a thing.

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Thanks ladies. My betas came back bad and I started to bleed.
One would think it would get easler, this is my seventh angel. But it hurts just the same.

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:bighug: I am sorry to hear the bad news. I hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible physically, so that you can focus on healing emotionally. You are in my thoughts and prayers.