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Thread: Can I ask for your advice?

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    Default Can I ask for your advice?

    Early on Halloween morning ( around 4 Am) I woke up in severe pain in my chest and I could barely breathe so I had to call Base Emergency Transport to take me to the hospital. After a few tests and a cat scan it showed that I had a PE (blood clot that travels up from your legs to other parts of your body and they sometime can be fatal) in my right lung and the admitting process began. In swear to get admitted from the ER to Inpatient is long chore After talking to three different in house doctors I was taken up stairs and I have to say the Cannula really helped me to breathe a lot better because if I took it off to shower after breaking out in an allergic rash at 1 AM from the tape they used to fix my IV with really made my blood pressure/heart race/pulse oxygen fall. So they took off all the tape and gave me benadryl they redid it on the opposite arm using silk and paper tape. They allowed me to shower with a bag over my IV because the tape used was not the best tape to keep dry. So the food was good and learning to inject my self in my stomach was a whole another story. They let me go home yesterday I feel a little to early because I get winded real easy doing the simplest of things.

    Tomorrow when they call I am going to ask them (the Coumden Clinic) if I could get my levels to get check at Bangor then having to travel on the bus where it could take me almost three to get there and another three to get back and I feel that will be to much on me. As I have been getting exhausted really easily for the last couple of days So my question with the Coumden there's that high chance of Birth defects if I took it while I was pregnant. I plan to wait three months then go on injections while we try to get pregnant after stopping the pills or wait the whole 6 months and pray to god our first round of Chlmoid goes well before he leaves for another 19 weeks? Any suggestions would be great. Why is it when we want to start trying my body sabotages that? Its beginning to be quite heart breaking.

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    I am so sorry for all that you are going through..My sister had to have an x-ray of her leg just a few days ago, to check for a blood clot.

    I wish I had some answers for you... I would say to xp this on the ttcal board as well...

    Also, you could ask one of the RE's on this site Someone should get back to you today...Just post your question on at least 2-3 of the boards.

    I hope that you get well soon...


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    I dont know any thing, but wanted to offer hugs!

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    Default Pregnancy ment.

    I was told not to use coumidin if you are pregnant. I was on Lovenox (long acting heparin) and then heparin x 2 towards the end of the pregnancy.

    I hope you feel better soon.

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