can I put this here?

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can I put this here?

I'm so flippin' depressed today I feel like I can barely function. I'm at work, making all sorts of stupid mistakes, and someone I talked to (in regards to correcting an issue) said "oh, you're pg". and I'm not down about the baby/mc thing I don't think, but that doesn't help. and she can't help it, she doesn't know. But...blah.
thanks for listening

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I'm sorry. I hate days like these. I hope it is almost time for you to get off work so you can go home and relax. Take it easy and be kind to yourself. I wish there was something i could do it make it easier or better..

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Im sorry you are having a bad day. Sometimes it would just be easier if people did not say things like that to others, as they never know their story. Sometimes I think back to all the stupid insensitve things I have probably said to people in past, and cringe. I now try to be really careful what I say to people, just in case. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. I think down days are all part of the process. I was so down yesterday but could not find a specifc reason just felt really low. Hopefully our days of feeling that way will get less and less. Hugs.

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I hope your day got better.

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i'm sorry you had a bad day today...i hope tomorrow is better for you!:)

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Oh sweetie, I am so sorry that you are going through a day like that. I know I have had them and they suck. I am really sorry that you had to be reminded of things like that. No matter how innocent the comment, it still hurts. I hope that your days get better soon.


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Sorry you had a bad day--hope it gets better. Maybe it is something in the air because I have been feeling depressed too...