Can you tell me (question about testing post m/c)

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Can you tell me (question about testing post m/c)

I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what testing they know to be 'standard' after 2 or 3 losses, or after 1 loss if your doctor does them that early. For almost 2 months now I've been saying that I was going to have at least that much done, but I haven't, and now that we are to the point we can TTC if we want to...I just can't even think about that without some testing. I don't want to have another loss and then find out that it was something that we could have found after this one if we hadn't waited for the 'standard' number of losses. That's a whole other discussion for me, I'd be on a soapbox about how many OB wait too long to begin some simple tests that could possibly prevent this from happening again :brucelee: I know another loss is always possible, but it's just something I need to do for a little peace of mind. Any info you have would be great. I want to walk into the OB office and at least have a clue and not just have to go by what she suggests. I was going to look it up online or something, but you guys always give me so much good info, I trust you more than some online source...and I'm not sure how much I trust the OB right now...but I need her to order the tests Smile Thanks and I hope everyone had a nice weekend.


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I am so sorry about your losses. The rule of thumb is three losses in a row or a late term loss. Usually it is just blood work they test for. I was Dx with the APA antibody, which is a clotting disorder anf causes bllod clots to form between you and the baby.


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I am so sorry for your loss as well. I have had one loss so far, and I know most OB do wait until after 2 or 3, but I'm not waiting. This is why I'm curious which blood tests others have had, so I will have an idea if there is something I want to include (based on what others tell me) just in case it's something she may not have tested for, that way I will at least be able to ask her about it. I don't think my OB will tell me no, and if she does, I'll find someone who will do them. Thanks for the info.


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I would at least have any autoimmune testing done...Plus a day 21 prog test, and a day 3 FSH test to start... (this is all blood work by the way)

Your dh could have his semen tested as well.....Just to be sure that there is no issue going on there.

Of course, there are many more tests that can be done...Just depends on how far you want to go with it..

If your doc will not do all the testing....As a precautionary measure, you could take 81mg of baby aspirin, 400mg or more of prog supp (start with 200 after O..If positive preg test, go immediately to 400 or more....Stay away from the oral as it rinses through the body to quickly) and extra folic acid...At least 2-4mg..

The above wont hurt you in anyway....It can only help! :bighug:


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Amy, so sorry for your loss. I had 2 M/Cs this year. I'm also 37 and don't have children. After my 2nd m/c, my OB had a lot of blood tests done. They also took blood from my husband, to check for genetic probs on his end. They ruled out basic genetic probs on both ends, but I ended up dx'ed with a clotting disorder based on a protein factor and lupus anticoagulent. I was also sent to a perinatologist and she mentioned that they could do a uterus scan (or something, I've forgotten), to make sure my uterus didn't have any probs. Didn't pursue that path since the blood work showed the clotting stuff. Sorry to be vague on this, but don't remember the details.

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Thanks guys. I really appreciate all the info. It's funny because on the one hand, I don't really think they'll find anything (or at least not anything that will help), but on the other, I can't just sit here. And even if it were all bad news, at least I would know I guess. I had been talking about doing this for awhile now, maybe reading this book finally got me going. Thanks again.


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I don't have any suggestions for you. I just wanted to let you know that I hope that you have someone decent enough to do the testing for you as you deserve.


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I also dont have much info to give you, sorry, but wanted to tell you I think you are right to push if it will make you more confident in TTC again.

They refused to do any testing on my first loss, because it was lost at 6 weeks 5 days and they said it was just the "standard" reasons for a loss (isn't it sad that any death of a baby can be considered "standard" ?? but thats another rant!), being the embryo not forming properly.

But I had a great obgyn this time who knew how devastated I was and ordered chromosomal testing on the baby. I get the results of that next week but while Im there I will be asking for what they call a "well woman" check over here. Its basically just a pap smear, breast check etc. but I want to check again as my last smear showed an abnormality, although they said that it was a strain that causes no side effects or problems, but I just want to make sure that it didnt play a part. I had extensive bloodwork done for my 12 weeks scan too, so maybe they will show something if there is anything to find.

Good luck and I hope you can pursuade your ob to do some tests. If she tries to say that there is "no need" or its "not normal procedure after just one loss" just explain to her that she might not consider it necessary, but it would put your mind at ease and as you are the one who will be out of pocket for it, and these tests dont cause any harm to your body, its really your decision to make! and you don't want to have to come back to her and ask her to do the tests you asked her for after the "standard number of losses".

I learnt the hard way that you have to be extremely pushy with these people, and really fight for it. I had a gyny once who refused to look into my ovary pain because I had had an operation just 2 months earlier for endo and "if there is anything wrong in there, SHE wouldnt have missed it". I figured she knew what she was talking about so put up with the pain for months........ until I ended up in emergency and they found a 9cm cyst on my left ovary! now I have a scar the size of a c-section scar, instead of the keyhole surgery I would have got 6 months earlier.

Advice to all - Push, argue, fight...whatever you have to do to get results!!

Good luck to you.

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My OB was willing to do the bloodwork on me after my first loss, even though it was early. I would definitely push for the testing. Unfortunately, mine turned up nothing, but I was still glad to know that I had no need of being on progesterone or baby aspirin. Of course, now they say there's no more testing they can do for me. I don't really believe that, but I do know that my progesterone level was normal, I don't have clotting issues, or have any of the autoimmune problems they tested for, and I have normal thyroid function. They don't see the point in testing for genetic problems, as my DH is Korean and I am Scotch-Irish.

I would also be interested in hearing if anyone did further testing beyond what I've done. The doctors seem to think that it was all chromosome problems with the babies, and that we'll magically have a perfect pregnancy next time (and who knows, they may be right) - but even they admit that it's very rare to have a baby with a chromosome abnormality who has a beating heart. So I just don't know what to believe. Sad

I wish you luck with your testing, and especially that it finds the problem so that you do not have to go through another loss!

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I'm not sure about the testing- but if it would make you feel better- tell them that. I hope you will be able to find something to put your mind at ease.

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You guys are great. Thanks so much for your input. At first my OB said that I didn't need testing because it was my first loss and it was first trimester...but we saw the heart beating twice and that is what is getting to me I think. Even the OB says it isn't typical to have a loss due to abnormalities after you see a healthy heartbeat. So, I've almost got all the info I want to have before I call her (there will always be more info to find, but I think I've got a good start, and if she won't do the testing, I'll find someone who will. Everyone here is right, we pay them, the tests come out of our pocket, and a blood test isn't going to hurt me. Thanks again.