Candles for Starr

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Candles for Starr

EDIT: I believe these candles only stay lit for 48 hours, so if you so desire, return in a few days and light another candle so we have a constant stream of love for her.

For those of you who would like to, please go here:
And light a candle for Starr. I've created this group on the virtual candle site just for candles for her.

She may not see it for awhile, but I thought it would be nice for her to be able to go there and see all the strength and love we are sending to her in the form of virtually lit candles.

As Starr is not religious, please, out of respect for her, refrain from including religious messages in your candle.

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That's a lovely idea. Smile

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This is a wonderful idea. Thanks so much for doing this.

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Thats a great idea! I'm going to light one right now....

...I hope she knows all our thoughts are with her.

(btw: Joley, love your avitar)

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I lit one for her. I love this website.

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Great idea...I will keep one lit.....


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It's coming up on 48 hours for the first round of candles... please consider lighting another if yours has burned down.