In chat. Come join!

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In chat. Come join!

I'm waiting around in teh chat room if anyone wants to talk. I'm just bored right now.

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Sorry I missed you.


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Sorry to miss you.

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Shelly and Amy,
I'm in chat now if you have some time. Gotta get to bed soon though!

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Sorry I keep missing everyone.


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Not sure why but I couldn't find chat today??????
I clicked on Chat and kept getting this 123 Flash with chat rooms I'd never heard of.

Did they change something? (I am trying on my lunch from work)

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I haven't had time to check chat lately. I'm sorry. BUT, it looks like you are usually online between 8 and 9ish my time (by your posts), so I'll start checking more often...


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I stopped by chat as well.....I never know when I will be there though!! Depends on what is going on that day....Will try to check in more often..


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I'm in chat at 5:55 pm EST.