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Checking in

Hi everyone,

This is one of those boards that I desperately wish that there was never a need for. It is also one that I credit with being a "safe haven" on more than one occasion through my own personal journeys through multiple loss experiences as I struggled on a path towards healing. (It does actually exist although all of us here know well of moments where we find that questionable.) This is a place where you can post your story, your feelings, your vents, share that emotional rollercoaster ride and recognize that while someone else may not have your *exact* experience, there are those here that truly understand.

Those of you that are new here - please post. While it may seem slow at times (thankfully) many of us check in and will be here to respond as needed. If you have questions, ask them. Many of us have been there and can help at least relieve some of your concerns hopefully and maybe offer suggestions that can offer you support as others did for each of us once upon a time.

Every loss IS different... even those for the same woman. There is no set time frame involved on healing. That too is a unique journey and there is no one set right/wrong way to grieve. Use this forum as you need to. As I referred above, for me, it was a haven that I could come to -- escaping those that surrounded me with well meant platitudes or unrealistic expectations. Let us know what you need -- even if that is simply someone to listen. This group is good at that.

For those that are "veteran" members of this forum -- check in when you can and perhaps share your advice now with those that are in need.

To you all - again, I'm sorry that anyone has to go through this. Please feel free to reach out to our host or me personally at anytime if you feel that you may need some additional support. Know you are NEVER alone. (((((((HUGS))))))) You all remain always in my thoughts and prayers.

~Missy (