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Checking in...

Have you recently experienced a loss? Please know that you can share your story here. Unfortunately, too many of us here have 'been there, done that' experience. While there may seem to be a lull, know that others ARE here ready to reach out and support. We know better than to suggest we are here to 'fix it'. There isn't one. We CAN though be here to listen, vent, cry, shout, and eventually join you on your journey to healing.

Others that are ready to give support - please check in!

~Missy (

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I'm here. Smile It's been 7 years since we lost our first baby at one day old and 6 years since our second baby was stillborn at 25 weeks. It's easier now, but i remember all too well those dark early days, especially around this time of year which is close to their birthdays.

Sending love to anyone suffering. xxx

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here! been 4 years and 5 months since we lost Taylin. Just like Stormsong said, it is much easier now then it was then. Her birthday is hard, as is her Due date (coming up November 21st) I am still friends with a lot of the Nov 09 mom's though, so that makes it kind of nice. Still have that awesome connection.

Oh, and i finally got brave enough to put her shadow box up on the wall Biggrin It's been hiding this whole time because I was scared I would cry every time I saw it! But I smile now!

Praying for all those who have suffered