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Once again, something happened and I have to share. I know so many of us have been trying to think of ways to celebrate our children this time of year especially. I've been in 'poor me' mode lately, until today. One of my best friends gave me my Christmas gift today. Mixed in with all the pedicure stuff and all that girly stuff we love so much was a little stuffed monkey. She got the monkey from the National Star Registery. With the purchase of this stuffed animal you get to choose a name and location of your own star. I'm pretty sure she thought I would name it for me or Chris or Christian, but I'm not and I told her so. I'm naming after our baby. Oh jeez, I can't stop crying. I'm ridiculous. I told her I thought it was really cute when I saw one at her house and then she gets me one. As soon as I opened it today, I knew what I would do with it. I know some people had been trying to think of ways to remember and no matter what time of year, I think this is a great way.


The website on the monkey's tag is

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I think naming a star after your little one is just perfect!!! Thanks for sharing the link....


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It really is a perfect gift. My friends names a star for us last year, called Zanes Star. It's just so appropriate and wonderful. Smile

Sarah. x

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I think that is such a wonderful gift. You are a terrific friend. Now you can look up and see your bright star and remember your little one (not that you can ever forget)


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When we lost Joseph, someone named a star for him. It was a great present, so he'll forever be remember, not just by us, but by some bureaucratic place out there. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's nice that not just us know he existed.


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What a great way to remember your little one. I have seen those animals and thought that they were cute as well. Let the tears flow. At least this time there is a touch of good in with the tears.


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