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christmas ornament

So today i stayed home again...i really don't want to go back to work yet but i'm running out of sick days and have to start FMLA if i don't go tomorrow...thank goodness i have all next week off since i work for a school system...

anyways, i drowned my sorrows a little bit today by going and finishing up my christmas shopping. i had a mission though-i stopped by a kiosk selling christmas ornaments and got an angel...on her stomach i had them write "Our Precious Angels" On each wing i put the dates....6/01 and 12/07

My husband started crying when he saw it...just as i did when she handed it to me. We hung it at the top of the tree and will keep it there forever.

Just wanted to share...

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Oh wow, that's such a special way of remembering your sweet angels. It sounds beautiful~


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That sounds totally beautiful. I hope that you find peace during the difficult holiday season. I am searching, but no luck so far.


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That is a beautiful way of remembering your angels. I bought one online after my loss, it is a angel holding a baby and on her wings it says: God bless Rebecca 2007. I think the ornament is the best way to honor our babies.


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Your ornament sounds very beautiful and special. I bought one online this year that really touches me too. It was as if it was made personally for me, because it specifically has 7 stars on the front (which is my #). I had dates personlized as well on the back. I don't think I want to put it up after Christmas so I may keep it our yearround.

I am glad you found your ornament.


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What a beautiful idea.

Thanks for sharing.

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That's beautiful.

I was going to buy one but DH didn't think it was a good idea because it is too sad. But know after reading this I'm convinced that I need to get one to remember my angel.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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We have a year round Christmas store mear us. I saw one, I think it had an angel, that said "do not be sad for me, I'm spending Christmas with Jesus this year".