Coming back as a host. (m/c, s/b, l/c ment)

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Coming back as a host. (m/c, s/b, l/c ment)


I'm Sara. I co-hosted this forum yrs ago. Honestly, I left when it seemed like my grief level of dealing with things was getting worse after coming and checking on the board. I decided to volunteer again because it hurt to see people viewing the forum and not posting especially when you know people onsite are going through current losses or just need to talk about previous losses. It's a catch 22, you don't want to the board to exist but unfortunately we have no control over preg/infant/child loss.

About me: I've have 2 losses. I had an early m/c Jan 94. Zachary is my stillborn ( 33 wks ) in April 95. I've helped my sister go through 3-4 m/c's and 1 stillborn. I do have living children. My oldest is 15 and the youngest is 10 (both boys). My husband has a daugther (32 yrs old) from a previous relationship.

I'm hoping that people will start posting here again and that we can get a good support system going.