Could you check this out for me?

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Could you check this out for me?

So, I wrote a letter to the clinic that I went to when I found out I'd miscarried. could you just read it and let me know what you think?

Dr. M. and Associates,
I am writing to inform you of a bad experience I had at your clinic on Friday November 2nd, 2007.
I had taken an at-home pregnancy test the previous Tuesday and gotten a positive result. I had heard such wonderful things about your clinic, Dr. M. and West Allis Memorial that I decided to switch OB's. I had experienced some spotting, so I called and made an appointment to come in, just to be safe. I was seen by one of your Nurses, I believe it was Jan. I was surprised and devestated when she walked into the room and said
that the my pregnancy test had been Negative. I had not expected this and immediatly felt shock and sadness, as one would when finding out that they had either a chemical pregnancy or a miscarriage. Much to my horror and disbelief, she started going on about how the female body is born with as many eggs as we're ever going to have and "How neat was that?". I can assure you, this was not what I needed to hear at the time. She never told me what I might expect with the miscarriage, never advised me on anything medical, what to look out for, nothing.
The experience I had with will ensure that I will not return to your clinic. I found her to be quite insensitive and inept at dealing with a patient in this situation. I can only cringe at the thought of her dealing with other patients who have had the heartbreak of finding out they've lost a child, regardless at what stage of the pregnancy.
While I'm not expecting anything to change, I just wanted to share this experience with you in the hopes that another unfortunate patient will not have to experience this shocking behavior.



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Hi Lisa

I sent you a PM with some suggestions. The letter is well written but it is the teacher in me who has to add input.

Take Care

Lily Maria Kathleen :angel1: August 10, 2007

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thank you so much!

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I think it's good your wrote it so they know about your experience and how you feel.

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Wow. What a great letter. It was to the point without condemning anyone. I think that it was pertinent and professional. Good job. I just hope that the nurse is dealt with appropriately.


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Hey. Thanks for posting this. I've been trying to put together a letter to my ex-OB, explaining why I won't be returning and letting her know about the experiences I had with her and her staff. I couldn't find the right tone, but seeing how you approached it completely helped. Thanks so much. I think yours is great and good for you!!