D&C (Bleeding?? TMI?)

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D&C (Bleeding?? TMI?)

Ok, I had my D&C on Wednesday of last week, so just about a week ago. I had very light spotting for a couple of days, and then it has slowly picked up. This morning I had clumps of bloody tissue, and I'm not sure if this is normal.

What has your experience been when it comes to bleeding after D&C? My other two m/c were natural, so I don't know how these are supposed to go.

I'd really appreciate your answer. I spoke to the doctor the other day, but I don't want to bother him again. Thanks. Wink

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I am so sorry for your loss!! I just had a D&C last friday. I had bleeding fri, sat, and sun and just little spotting monday and even less tuesday. I hope you get it figured out! Don't worry about bothering your doc, that is what they are there for!!

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I've had 5 or 6 D&C's and can only remember having spotting, like a light period and some cramping for a couple of days & my AF usually returned 4-6 weeks later. My last one was only a few days shy of the 4 weeks though.

I am not sure about the clots though, becuase I never noticed any before. Are they large sized clots though? Your doc is there for you to bug, that's what he gets paid for!! Wink

Let us know how you are feeling.


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Mine was on the 18th. I really didn't have much bleeding. Mostly spotting, and now it appears to be all done. I do however feel like AF is coming but not sure that is even possible right now.

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I had a D&C last September. I had AF like bleeding for a day and a half, then one night of really bad bleeding with clots. one the size of a kiwi fruit. Clots in the blood can be normal after a D&C, its your body expelling some uterine lining or other tissue that did not get removed in the proceedure. The thing you need to keep an eye on the most is the intensity of the bleeding, and your temperature. If you have an elevated temp and/or bleed through a pad in less than two hours, go to the ER and get checked out for infection.
I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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I also had natural miscarriages with my first two losses and a D&C on March 16th. At first I only had spotting for a few days and then what seemed like a regular period which is what my doctor told me to expect. However, I ended up bleeding for about 40 days. At times it was very heavy and I had a lot of clots. I saw my doctor and called a few times during it all. He didn't seem too concerned although he did tell me it wasn't normal. Eventually he did put me on some medication. I can't remember the name of it right now, but it didn't help. It was still about another 2 weeks until the bleeding stopped.