D&C and dilating cervix

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D&C and dilating cervix


If you had a D&C, do you know how your cervix was dilated before/during the procedure? Rachel had posted about her D&C and she comments on going to her doc the day before for the seaweed insertion that dilates the cervix. I know there are other methods, such as gels and such, but don't those have to be applied and allowed time to work?

I ask because I just went in morning of and was wheeled right into the room they put me to sleep in. I have no idea what they did. Does anyone know???

Just wondering if this could explain my lack of fertile CM...or any CM for that matter....?????

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trying to clean the cob webs outta my brain!! I believe my doc gave me an injection in the cervix, which then caused it to open. Of course, I was *out* when they did this.

I do not think the injection causes a problem with CM....I think that our bodies change after a loss....Af bleeding may be less, or more in days....AF may come later, or earlier...More cm, or maybe less..O may be a different day.

Sometimes, our bodies, over time, will go back to the way they were prior to loss. That said, I went from a 28 day cycle, to a 30....which I had never, ever been before. I had occasional months where it went to a 28 day...But for the most part, stayed at 30.

hth a bit...I am sure others will weigh in..

Have you tried Robitussin to increase CM??


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I don't know about other methods to dilate the cervix, or how necessary they are. I do think that Marie is probably right, not only do miscarriages and d&cs mess with your bodies, but pregnancy changes them too. I hope your cervical mucus gets back to where it should be. Hugs!

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I only know how my DR did it because I have switched DRs and took my records with me. He used manual dilators, which are narrow metal rods that they put into the cervix one at a time in increasing size. Kind of like a very narrow ring sizer, IYKWIM. I don't really know if it affected my CM or not, because I m/c in August 06 and didn't start charting and keeping track of other symptoms until February 07. Can you contact your DR and ask for your records? Maybe that will help you. Hugs

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Just want to share experience. When I had mine they used metal dialating rods like MonkeyCat mentioned. I was awake so I knew what was going on... that was the only part that hurt, the dialating.
I have no idea if the method can affect you CM or not... I've never charted CM, so I don't know if mine changed.


Since I'm pregnant now, I've been wondering if having been manually dialated if it will affect my ability or time to dialate naturally. Anyone with experience with this?


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I'm sorry for your loss. i really depends on your body and how far along you are. Some people are dialted other are not. The PP is correct with the use of manual dilation.

Jess: Usually d/c does not have an effect on you carrying babies.
l/c ment

I had two d/c's, on in January 2006. I got pg in march of 2006 and carried the baby to term.

Good luck ladies. Hugs.

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I just wanted to add, I don't know that my doc didn't do some manual dilation during the procedure as well. He just said that the seaweed kind of helps it along. Honestly, I am thinking he probably had to do more, cause he said the seaweed would expand to the size of his thumb, and though that is bigger, its not that big. Smile