D&C yesterday

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D&C yesterday

I went in for my D&C yesterday at the hospital. I had started spotting earlier in the day, but my doc said I should still have the procedure done. She was right, I'm glad it's over and I'm that much closer to trying again.

My admitting nurse was such a wonderful human being. She has had 4 d&cs (and two healthy babies) so she knew what we were going through. She was so gentle with me and so good with DH. He's been kind of upset that everyone is acknowledging that I have had a loss but have kind of brushed how he's feeling aside, but she didn't do that. I actually just finished writing a nice letter to the hospital to let them know how wonderful she was to us.

DH was also wonderful and it makes me appreciate what a fantastic man I married and how much I want to have babies with him.

I'm crampy today and lightly bleeding. I just hope AF returns soon and we can start trying again.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with people who would understand.

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Oh sweetie, i am so glad the whole thing was made as painless for you as it could have been. It's amazing the effect good caring staff can have on us isnt it? Smile

I hope that your cycles return to normal soon and you are blessed again.


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I too hope things return to normal and you are blessed again. I am also glad that you have a wonderful dh standing by you! I'm sure that helps alot!

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Hugs to you, and many blessings to you in the future.

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Take it easy for a while. I know I thought I felt fine afterwards, only to find out it was more taxing on my body than I thought it would be for a week afterwards.
I'm glad your hospital experience was ok, and that your DH is there for you, and you for him.

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I'm so sorry but very glad you had such a great person to deal with. I too had some super nurses when I went in. They made it less painful for me and DH. I wishing you good recovery and pg vibes since you will be starting in about 6 to 8 weeks. Good luck!


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:bighug: I am glad you are home & feeling better now.