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I feel like I am bothering you ladies. I am very depressed today and can not stop crying. I know it is probably hormones, AF is due in 5 days, but that doesn't make my feelings any less real. I don't want to eat, I cry all the time, and I think I am beginning to frustarate my husband with all of it.
Don't get me wrong he is fantastic but I have so much guilt that I am not the same person I was before my loss. I have no interest in sex or anything fun. I am on meds and I am in therapy and they help, but I still have the guilt.
Some days I am just fine then out of the blue I have guilt and then it snowballs into missing my baby girl and my parents. I feel so alone in all of this. I hate the fact that I can't just suck it up and go back to work and be happy.

Thanks for listening

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Im so sorry that you're feeling sad...just wanted to send along some hugs. :bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug:


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One step at a time Robin.....We are with you....

Sending you many :bighug: Hoping they will help to get you through the day...


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Robin, you are not bothering anyone. Those of us that are here have been in your shoes. I know personally that I feel that if I can help someone make it through this horrible time, it makes my losses seem like they happened for a reason. Just as Marie said one step at a time. Greive all you need too. It is all part of the process. You lost a child. You will be more strong tomorrow than you were today. Hang in there and take comfort in knowing that you aren't in this alone. Hugs....

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How are you feeling today? Any better?

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If you look back a bit, you will see my post about feeling like you do. I was awash with sadness, depression, guilt and fear. It comes in waves and drowns you with its weight. It will get better and it may get worse again. We are on a roller coaster ride from hell. I wish you peace. You are so much stronger than you realize. I pray you find peace.


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I agree with shelley. We have all been a mess with this and some of us continue to be sometimes. Although it doesn't seem there are any good days ahead, there are. They will come in time. For now as mom@41 said, one step at a time. Don't rush yourself through the tears. They will get lighter in time. Take care of yourself. You are not alone.

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Sending you hugs (((((Robin))))). It is very difficult to maintain a positive relationship when you have no sex drive. I've been there before and it put a great deal of stress on our relationship. This problem was happening with us before I got pregnant with Lily. Speak to your doctor about the AD you are on. The one that increased my libido was Wellbutrin. I just did an internet search because I couldn't remember the name and saw that there are many which do negatively affect your sex drive.)

Here is a link that I found that you might want to look at:

Your loss is still new. It hasn't been that long since Rebecca Allison became an angel. I can't say from experience because my grief is also very raw but all of these other women attest to the fact that it does get easier over time.

Take care,

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I dont have any added advice but I just wanted to let you know that we're here for you and you're not bothering anyone.

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Please dont ever feel like you are bothering anyone by posting here. Unfortunately we all know some of what you are feeling.
After losing Brennan, I was a mess. I mean I was seriously a mess. I didnt get out of bed, I didnt shower, I didnt eat. All I wanted to do was be alone and cry. It took me many many many weeks to just get the strength to get out of the house. I cannot tell you how low I was feeling.

This site helped so much. Knowing I could type something and within a relatively short time I could get a supportive response helped me in ways you will never know.

I also found a local support group. I still go every month. Talking to people in real life in my area that know what I was feeling was amazing. I have delveloped so many friendships with the women this day I am very thankful for finding them. My friends that I had before the loss just didnt and still dont get me the way these women do.

Please know you can come here anytime. But I would try to see if there is any local support group in your area. I found mine through the hospital. But my OB also had the information in his office as well.

If you ever need anything...we are here