Do you mind if I join? m/c ment

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Do you mind if I join? m/c ment

Hi ladies, I was 12 weeks pg on Tuesday, went for my 12 wk appt Thurs, they couldn't find the heartbeat, so I went for an u/s yest, again, no heartbeat and the baby measure 8 weeks, not 12. We had our "measuring" u/s done at 8 wk 1day, and we say the bean and the hearbeat, must have lost the baby shortly after that.

DH and I went to the drs yesterday to talk to the dr because I was spotting brown for the past week, but it wasnt red and there was no cramping, so they said everything was fine. that was one of the reasons they did the u/s.

Now I have 2 choices, I can either wait it out, for 2 weeks to seeif I miscarry on my own, or have a d and c, have any of you expierenced this?

Dr also said that as soon as I get my period again, we cant start TTCing again. I'm guessing it varies from person to person, but does anyone have an idea as to when to expect my period again? Seeing that I technicly havent miscarried yet?


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I'm sorry ladies, I forgot to turn off my siggy. I apologize for that.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your baby Sad

I have had natural losses, and D&C's.

You need to do what is best for you, emotionally, and physically...That said, if it were me, I would give yourself a week....see what happens...Your body may take care of things on its own, now that you know.

If you do decide to try and wait this out a bit. Try a heating pad on high...put on your lower belly..This will help you to relax..maybe move things along..

If you decide to go in for a D&C? Make *sure* you are under for it...Some girls have been awake for the procedure....Trust me, this is something you do not want to be awake for, as you will already be going through enough at that point...Insist on being out....jmo.

Once your baby has passed...You can typically expect AF in 4 to 6 weeks.

After first AF, as long as the doc gives you a clean bill of health, you should be fine to ttc again..

Marie :comfort:

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Marie, thank you so much for all your advice. I really appreciate it.


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We experienced something similar went for u/s at 10wks and baby measured a little over 5wks! I actually started spotting that day! It was about 3 days before I passed the baby and the clots! It was like once the dr told me it gave my body permission to go ahead and do what it was supposed to do!! It is a totally personnal choice if you have the d&c or naturally! I am very sorry for you and your family!! You will be in my prayers!! O by the way dr told us the same thing that after one af we were ok to ttc again!! It has been 5wks today since we lost him and still no af! But I have read if your cycles were pretty reg it commonly comes back 4-6wks after m/c!

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I am so sorry for your loss.


I dont have any advice to give, but i wanted tosay that you have come to the right place. Everyone here gives the most amazing support. :giveflower:

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Welcome Heather,
I am sorry for your loss. I myself had an almost identical experience. I had an US at 7w1d that showed a healthy growing fetus with a heartbeat and at 11w1d during a routine appointment (my first actual dr. appt) there was no longer a heartbeat and the fetus only measured 6w2d. I did several things, just for piece of mind for myself. 1.) I had them draw quant HCGs - this showed a drop in my pregnancy hormones which shouldn’t really happen in a healthy pregnancy 2.) I had another US a few days later - this was my second opinion. 3.) I also didn’t know what I wanted to do. We scheduled a D&C exactly one week later with the thought that if I MC, I'd MC, but I never went into a natural MC and had the D&C. The D&C wasn’t that bad at all. I didn’t experience any real pain after-for a day. The night after I started getting really bad cramps and bleeding A LOT, so that sent me to the ER. (Sorry TMI) There was a clot stuck in my cervix and when the Dr pulled it out, and after a little IV meds, I felt much better. I took some medication over the next 24 hours to contract my uterus. I spotted very lightly for about 10 days. It is almost 6 weeks after my D&C now, and I still haven't seen AF. MY dr warned me from the beginning that I may take longer since my HCG levels were so high. I had another quant done last week and I am down to 7 so hopefully this week I will be blessed by her presence. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change anything, except maybe for the ER night. It was a very traumatic experience for me to have to see all that blood. I had the D&C because I was terrified of what I might see and the baby had died weeks earlier and I never went into a natural M/C.
Anyway, this was my experience. Hoped I may have answered a question or two you may have. It is hard, no matter what choice you make. It is still hard and I still have my moments, however I can say that it is getting a little easier.
Take care, hun, and remember we are all here to listen whenever you may need an ear.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.


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I'm sorry for your loss as well. I have had D&C's with all my losses, but I think sometimes they opt to do them if it is such a long missed miscarriage.

Please KUP on how you are doing. :bighug:


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Heather - so sorry for your loss.

I just had my 2nd m/c. I was faced with the same decision as you. I was almost 10 weeks into the pregnancy when I found out, though the fetus size was only 5-6 weeks per u/s, and a heartbeat wasn't found.

I opted for waiting, because (1) I'd already had a natural m/c in Feb, so I knew what it'd be like, and (2) I thought the d & c would take too long for recovery (per a co-worker's experience). Not sure if that was the right decision for me, in retrospect. My first m/c was much quicker (couple days) and the pain was less (I was only 3-4 weeks into the pregnancy that time, maybe that made a difference). Also, that time the bleeding started, and that's how I found out about the m/c. This time, since I knew ahead of time, it was different, emotionally. Bleeding started about 5 days after the u/s, the heavy bleeding and pain began 3 days after that, and last for 4.5 days. I'm in the tail end now. So far, I've been bleeding for 9 days. If I'm faced with this unfortunate choice again, I may opt for the d & c.

Last time I m/c'ed, my period began ~6 weeks later, and I conceived during the next cycle. Unfortunately, this next m/c then resulted 9 weeks later. I will be seeing my doc again after my Hcg(?) levels are back to zero, and find out how long she wants us to wait, this time around.

Many many hugs to you.

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So sorry for your loss. I had a m/c in Nov of 06 at 10w5d (the embryo was actually at 6w6d) and in Feb 07 at 7w2d (BO measured 5w5d) with both I took a med called cytotec to induce bleeding and one called mistopropl to make sure the bleeding didn't get out of control. I also had HCG quants drawn with both just to be sure that I had m/c'd, after I got the results of those my doc gave me 3 options... 1) I could wait and see if I would m/c naturally, 2) I could take the meds, or 3) I could do a D&C... whichever you choose you can always come here for support. Hope some of this helped.