Doc apt update (x-posted)

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Doc apt update (x-posted)

I had my 2-week check up today. They sent all the tissue and everything off for testing, I did not have a infection in my uterus, it looks like when Dh's sperm and my egg met something did not take right so they was probly a abnormality with the baby. He said that when I started bleeding at 12 weeks it was probly the start of the Miscarriage and it just took two weeks for my body to do what is was suppose to do. I went on Yaz birth control. The good thing about it is, as soon as we start to TTC I am fertile the next month. I have lost 5 pounds in two weeks whoohoo. My goal is to loose 75 pounds before we get pregnant again. My doctor was great he sat in the room and talked to DH and I for about 20 minutes. He said as soon as we get our next BFP to call and they would watch me close for the first 3 months, but he said the really is nothing to worry about since there was nothing wrong with me. I am doing better. I still have bad days, but the good out weigh the bad. I feel better knowing that there was nothing that could have been prevented. I was afraid that I had an infection or something that could have been treated. Thanks again for everyone's thoughts and prayers.

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Glad to hear the news. I had my appointment today with basically the same outcome. All of the testing looked normal, thank goodness. It sounds like you have a great doctor. I'm realizing, between Lance and this last loss, that a good doctor and team makes a world of difference.

Congrats on the weight loss too. I bet it makes you feel good!


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That must be a bit of a relief, getting the news that there is nothing wrong with you or your dh. And so great that they will watch you closely next time.

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm planning on losing some poundage too before we TTC again, I'll see what I can do in a few months! Smile

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I posted on the other bb, but wanted to say again that I was thinking of you today and I'm glad to hear it wasn't something preventable.
Have you come up with a name yet?

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Congrats on the good news from your dr. And congrats on your weight loss too! I think it's so amazing that you are able to allow this terrible tragedy to empower you to do something so wonderful for yourself. You are inspiring me to make some positive changes as well!

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Hugs to you.

I'm glad that it sounds like you have a supporting doctor and that there was no infection or anything preventable. At this stage too it's also reassuring to hear the support you can expect from your doctor during the next pregnancy. Congrats on your 5lb weight loss!


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It is good to hear that there is nothing wrong with you (physically), and that your doctor is very supportive. Good luck with TTC after you get off BC! Congratulations on your weight loss!