Donation idea for Jack's first Angelversary

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Donation idea for Jack's first Angelversary

For those of you who this relates to...I have a question. I've been trying to think of something I could do to honor Jack's first Angelversary and the first thing that came to mind was collecting appropriate stuffed animals to donate to the bereavement nurses at the hospital Jack was born at to give to mothers like me who have to leave the hospital with empty arms. The reason I came up with this idea is because the only thing I had to hold in my arms when they wheeled me out of the hospital was the home-made keepsake evelope/bag they had given me to keep the momentos they created for us. The moment we got home I went to our baby box (a rubbermade tote we/my mother inlaw had been filling with all the baby items we had been purchasing) and grabbed the one and only stuffed animal, a super soft sleeping baby elephant and held it in my empty arms.

So do you think this is a good idea? I know a stuffed animal wouldn't actually "fill" our empty arms, but it's something and something is better then nothing right? No mother ever imagines a possibility of going through labor, epidural, giving birth, maternity ward and only to leave without your baby. Give me your far I have about 40 stuffed animals mostly donated by family members wanting to help me. I plan to purchase a bunch that are similar to Jack's elephant.


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I think it sounds like a lovely idea. I think most mothers would be so touched that you have put this altogether to help them in their darkest hour. You are an amazing woman!

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I really like the idea. Let me kow if it takes off. I'd love to send a few elephants your way Biggrin

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That is an awesome idea!! I know that when either my husband or myself feel lower than usual we grab the stuffed giraffe that we were given for Damien. It is the only thing that we kept from his baby things. It has been a tremendous help and I can see how your idea would be such a help to other grieving families. Shelly

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That's a gorgeous idea! I am totally with you on the aching empty arms part. Sad

Also, i dont know if it's the same where you are, but at the hospital i was at with Ada they dressed her in knitted clothes that had been made by mums who had lost babies prematurely, because of course normal baby clothes are too big. People also knit blankets and i got to keep a lovely croched (sp?) blanket and a knitted one that she was wrapped in.

I totally cannot knit for love nor money, but if i could i would do that.

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I think it is a great idea. I did something very similar for Brennan's Angel day. In my "memory box" that I rec'd from the hospital there was a Blessed Beanie Baby in it. This is probably one of my most prized posessions in the world, for many reasons. One Brennan was photographed with the beanie, and although I dont have Brennan with me, the beanies he laid next to is on my nightstand always with me.

SO what I did was find as many as I could, and I gave them to family and friends. Then I delivered 12 of them (one for every month I had been without him) to the hospital to be put into the memory boxes for future losses. I added a slip of paper that I laminated to share that they were donated in his memory.
Here are a few pics of what I did:

I think your idea is perfect!!!

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Great idea Joey! Most of the hospitals here have a donation program where you get a "memory" box of items and pictures. I slept with a green frog that was about the same size as Jeremiah that and his baby blanket, it had his blood from his surgical site on it but it was "him"
I love the stuffed animal idea though. I'm planning on donating hand impression kits. You know the thing that gives a plaster impression of your hand. I found a place that will sell them wholesale, and once I'm back at work I'm going to take them to the hospital Jeremiah was born at.
Let us know how it turns out.

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Thanks know how sometimes ideas in your head sound really good then you begin to over-think them and start to worry that it's a horrible idea. I had to bounce it off all of you to make sure I wasn't crazy.

Sarah, I can't knit either. I did teach myself how to crochet though, I'm just not that fast at it. It takes me about a month to do a tiny baby blanket so maybe I'll do that for next year. Hopefully I'll be able to get 12 done by then.

Laurie, my original plan was to buy 12 stuffed animals, one for every month. But then I went and told my mom about the idea and all the sudden I had more stuffed animals then I know what to do with. (my work computer blocks pictures in these threads so I'll have to look at your pics when I get home)

Sheena, I remember you had mentioned the idea of hand/foot print kits before. That is an awesome idea!

When I get everything together, I'll take some pics and share them with you all.