Dr appt/?? about Provera

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Dr appt/?? about Provera

The brief background is that I had a natural miscarriage at 10 w in early March. For me, the miscarriage was slow, so my hCG didn't zero out until April 10. As of today, over 3 months later, my AF still had not resumed.

Today, I saw my dr again. She did a pelvic exam and everything seems normal. My uterus is small, and she had no concerns about cysts or anything like that. So she gave me Provera to induce a period, hoping that perhaps my cycles will resume again after that.

We are going to the beach next week, so I am going to wait until we get home to start taking the Provera. I'm not feeling great about taking it, but I think it has already helped me emotionally to know that I can start helping my body recover from the trauma of a miscarriage after so many months of feeling so powerless.

So my question is, has anyone ever taken Provera to induce a period after miscarriage? What are your experiences? Any advice on what I can expect? I would welcome anything you have to share.

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First of all, so sorry for your loss :bigarmhug:
I had taken Provera for 4+ months of amenorrhea (not a m/c) about 4 years ago.
It was a pretty painful 5 days or so of pretty heavy bleeding before things tapered down a little bit. I would recommend to take 400-600 mgs of Motrin as needed. It does clean you out and get you back to a normal cycle very well though.

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I don't have any personal advice, since I have not used it, but I hope it works. I think just getting af will help in the healing process as well. I hope it is not too bad for you. kup.

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I don't know anything about Provera, but I'm sorry for your loss. And I'm glad you've got something you can be in control of.


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I take this drug on a normal basis as long as you remember to take it it helps with the hormones and all. I have had better "periods" being on it and then off it. I have PCOS w/ non ovulation so when I get "periods" I would get bleeding for almost four weeks straight and then be off for two weeks. That began to drive me nuts. With the Provera after taking it for the set time for me was 10 days I would start between 7 to 10 days later and bleed only for a week.

With you having our first period after a Miscarriage it might be alot and the cramps might be bad but I think it will be alot better with the drug then off it. when you are on it just take it easy and all will be good

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I have taken Provera many times to bring on a period, but not after my m/c (for some reason that was the only time I got my period-3 weeks after my D&C). I took the Provera for 5 days and then 10 days later it would start. I did notice that I got very, very nauseaus the first day or two of taking the Provera. But my period wasn't anymore painful or heavy.