Early loss bleeding?(TMI)

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Early loss bleeding?(TMI)

I was expecting to have heavy bleeding with my loss. It's been so strange to me. When I go to the bathroom there isn't much on the pad,but,a lot of clots come out in the toilet. Still,less than my periods. I do normally have heavy periods due to endo though. The cramps have certainly lessened quite a bit. Thursday and Friday were unbearable,now,they are very tolerable.
Do you think it's normal to not have heavy bleeding with a loss at about just 5 weeks?

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I don't know. My losses were later. But from what I've heard, it can be like a slighly heavier period.

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I am not sure. I have only had d&cs, and later on, so not sure how much tissue loss there should be. I hate the wondering though, hugs!

You may want to post this on TTCAL, as it is a more active board, and I know there are women there with earlier losses, that may have more info.

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The bleeding can subside for a bit...then all of a sudden pick up heavy 3-4-5 days later..

I would suggest having an ultrasound so they can see how things are progressing...Also, have your beta checked to make sure that it is going down at a good pace.



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With my first loss I was close to 11 weeks and it was VERY painful, but with my other 2 losses I was between 5-7 weeks. During my second loss I bled pretty lightly but I bled for five weeks, my third loss I bled fairly lightly as well. My dr told me that my loss around five weeks that the bleeding would be about like a period.

I agree with Marie, I would have them check your beta to make sure its going down.

I hope that you dont have much pain!!

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All I had was spotting, but I did not miscarry on my own...I ended up having to have a D&C. I was 6 weeks preg.

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i had my loss around 7-8 weeks anddid not have a d&c. i bled quite heavily for about 4-5 days. lots of clots and a pretty heavy flow. my doc said that is fairly normal. *hugs*

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I didn't bleed too much with either of my mc's. Both around 5-6 weeks. It was like a period with a little heavier cramps.
I hope you are doing ok. Take care.