ectopic experiences? (preg ment)

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ectopic experiences? (preg ment)

After one loss, I'm paranoid about being pregnant again. I was wondering if anyone who has an experienced an ectopic pregnancy post about their experience? I'm 8w2d and for at least the past week I've been experiencing tenderness in a spot just to the inside and down of my right hip bone. Yesterday, I started to get a sore spot under my right rib. I called the nurse line last week, and she said it was "too high" to be anything, since my uterus and ovaries are "way down" by my pelvic bone.

I've been reading a bit on it, and I think that by 8 weeks I'd be in a lot of pain, not just discomfort.

What was your experience?

Thanks for sharing and (hopefully) easing my fears.


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The ovary you ovulated from grows a cyst to support the baby till the placenta takes over. I think if it is just tender that is most likely just the cyst you are feeling. I had the same feelings early on in pregnancy :bighug: HTH

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I'm sorry i dont have any advice to offer. I can relate to worry about things more when pregnant after a loss though! :comfort:

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PG mentioned & Loss

I had a Heterotopic PG. I had a twin {turned out to be molar} in my left tube & a live one in my uterus. I did end up loosing both.

One sure sign of ectopic is severe shoulder pain. Usually on the affected side. You will get belly pains, but your shoulder really will let you know. Bleeding can be common too. Fever as well. Also, HCG levels will be higher than normal, I mean like quite higher.

If you have concerns, your OB should monitor you. I am sure if you hadn't had an US yet, you should have one soon. Your doc knows your history.

I thought you would have had one by now.



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:bighug: I don't have any advice but I am hoping that it is just growing pains and not anything else. Has your doctor said anything about the pain?

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Hi, I just wanted to respond about your question to an ectopic pregnancy. My last pregnancy was an ectopic. I found out i was pregnant at the end of Feb. 2007. Everything seemed to be going wonderfully. I always in the back of my mind thought something was wrong. But i went in every other day for them to test my hcg levels. They always came out the way they were supposed to. I got to be 9 weeks pregnant and that was the beginning of the worse. I got in the shower like always before going to work. I locked the door for some reason. My husband was running late and needed to get his deodorant, but the door was locked so he waited. As soon as i got out of the shower i started getting really light-headed and felt the room closing in. I made it to unlock the door and yelled for my husband. I then passed out about six times. We thought maybe it was constipation or something. But my thought was i am losing this baby again. We went to my doctors office which was right across the street from the hospital. While in the doctors office my right shoulder felt like someone had just knocked it with a 90 pound brick. It was excruciating pain. My muscles were all tensing up and i could barely even walk. THey rushed me in to get an ultrasound and discovered that my baby was in my tube. While in the room, i told my husband and mother i was going to pass out again. According to them i passed out again only to awaken to a doctor and about 5 nurses trying to get me to come to. They had to rush me to the hospital. Once over there i was being prepped for surgery. They were going to have to take my baby again. The weird thing was i never bled. I was in such excruciating pain all i could do was scream. I didnt want them to take my baby again. I got into surgery which was supposed to be routine ectopic surgery, when they discovered i was bleeding to death and my life was onthe line. I had over 5 pints of blood in my abdominal cavity. And one is not supposed to have any blood floating around. My tube ruptured and it had to be removed. The doctor informed my family i am lucky to be alive and should be dead. I had to receive 4 units of blood. I am sorry that this is so long i just wanted to share my experiece and tell you that if you even suspect an ectopic for a minute please go to your doctor, or cal him with your worries.

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I had my tube removed due to an ectopic pregnancy in March. I was almost 8 weeks along and one night I felt this really sharp pain around where my ovaries are at and it hurt so bad and it felt like I was so constipated but it killed me to stand, sit, or lay down. Thank God I had a ultrasound that day because the tech told me I was constipated but come to find out it was my ruptured tube. I had my tube and my baby removed that day. I did have some spotting but that was about it for the bleeding.

I believe that if you had an tube rupture then you would definately know about it since it will hurt very bad. The nurse told me that they cannot tell if it is in your tube until 5-6 weeks on the ultrasound. I wouldn't worry about it until the doctor is concern. I know it is hard but pain in your ribs is definately too high.

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**pg ment**

I have not had an ectopic, thank God. I have, however, had the exact pain you describe in 2 healthy pregnancies. I hope that is some reassurance, hon. :bigarmhug:

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I had an experience very similar to TiffShannon. I wrote about it in tons of detail on the May board but, if you want, please feel free to PM me with any questions.

As for my symptoms, they were not what I thought of as ectopic. I did have shoulder pain but not until I was on the stretcher in the ER and even then it wasn't that bad. I had shortness of breath but not until soon before the emergency surgery. I never had a fever. I also passed out several times but not until after it had ruptured and blood was building up in my abdominal cavity.

All I did have up until that night was excruciating pain off and on for over two weeks. Everyone told me it was normal but maybe I wasn't really expressing how painful it was. Despite hearing how dangerous that was I thought it was OK because it went away after a bowel movement. The pain really just felt like gas/constipation cramps but it was worse then my most intense AF cramps.

I did have some bleeding, too, but my midwife thought it was just because my progesterone was low. I have LPD so that made sense. She put me on progesterone suppositories which stopped the bleeding. I don't know if she monitored my HCG levels but, if she did, she didn't think they were low because she never said anything.

If you have even a suspicion of ectopic then I would get an u/s asap. It would be such a relief to see the embryo in the uterus. From now on I'm going to get an u/s at 6 weeks just to be sure now that I have a history. I just don't have enough conclusive, unique symptoms to know any other way.