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    Default fast approaching m/c anniversary

    Well it is almost 2 years since I gave birth at 16 weeks. My darling Rebecca is still on my mind. I don't think I will ever forget her or stop missing her. We have tried two ivf rounds since and both ended in miscarriages early. I thought I would have a baby by now. It is hard but easier then the previous years. I still can't be around pregnant woman I "know". Strangers I am fine with, but co-workers, family members and friends that are pregnant drive me crazy. I get very jealous and find myself starring at their growing bellies. I am not sure when, if ever, that will go away.

    I miss my baby girl but know that she was conceived and given to us for a reason and although her time here was short she gave me more love and patience then I ever thought I had. She made me stronger to go on with life.

    Thanks for listening. Just had some thoughts I wanted to get out.

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    I am sorry for your loss of your little one and your other peanuts. I know how hard it is to see all your friends go on to have one, sometimes two babies while you are still trying for your first. It is a pain that just eats at your soul. I wish I could do something to easy you grief and pain. But, I can send you a big hug.

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    Rebecca was very lucky to have such a wonderful Mum too. sending you lots of hugs at this hard time.

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    Hugs and prayers Robin. I am so sorry that Rebecca is not with you, or your other lost little ones.

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