Feeling O.k. today (M/c ment)

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Feeling O.k. today (M/c ment)

Well now that the what would have been his 4 b-day has pasted I am feeling better. I still thank I need some help mayby a therpisted. I just don't wand to go into the office, and have to sitted there. There are not the many therpisted here on PEI and if you going to see one it's like what rong with you? Are you seeing thing or hair vices? You know what I mean wright. Do's anyone know off say an online Therpisted? Sorry that probloy a dome Q.

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I think a licensed social worker that deals in grief would be the best place to start. They don't judge and allow you just to talk about your feelings and they give you ideas on how to start the healing process.

Hope you find someone.

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(Child and M/c Ment)


I know that the theripisted don't judge. It's the pepole that see you coming out of the theripisted office. I've been to theripies do to the fact that my little girl come to be becuse of a rape. Even thoe it was a rape theripies office I was tess for going there be friend and some family. Yes I know they ware not my friends if they were going to tess me about that. Anyway that way I don't wand to go to anyone that my family may hair about becouse some off them don't know about the m/c, and I like to keep it that way.

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Sorry hun, i dont know of any online therapists. That does mean that there arent any though. I'm sorry that the people you know would gossip and judge you because you attend therapy, that's harsh. It's to be hoped they never go through a difficult time and need to see someone their self huh. Sad I hope you find something suitable.

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Thanks. There are some out there but the all ask for payment in US funds. As I'm from Canada I don't have US Funds.They should be glade to get the Canada fund as are mony is warth more then they usa funds. I gass the just dont see it that way. Well I gass I keep looking.

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If they ask for US funds you can still pay using a Canadian visa or master card or American express.

If you work, some companies have an Employee Assistance Plan which offer counselling on the phone. You might try some of the listings I gave you in PEI and see if they offer counselling on the phone. If you need help trying to get in touch with any of them PM me and I will see what I can do about getting in touch with them for you.

Here are two Canadian email addresses (I believe the first one is for French Canadians). http://www.befrienders.org/
(DCO) Tel-Aide Outaouais
Email helpline: [email]plume@tel-aide-outaouais.org[/email]
(DCO) Distress Centre Windsor/Essex
Email helpline: [email]support@dcwindsor.com[/email]

Do you live in a very small community in PEI? It is too bad that people would view you as seeing things or hearing voices. The fact is we all need someone to talk to and that is normal.

Take Care

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I'm sorry. A big part of therapy is reading of body lanuage, which is hard to do over the internet.

can you ask to be see at the last appt of the day? That way, no one willbe in the waiting room when you go.

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I live in the only city on pei. The hole proviens is verry small. You can trave form on side of the proviens to the other in like 4 to 5 hours. PEI is verry small. Thanks for the e-mail I try Them.

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Sorry to hear you're having trouble finding someone to talk to. I found this telephone resource for PEI, I think it might be what you need. It is free and available any time. If they can't help you, they may be able to find someone who can, who could do counselling over the phone, or somewhere more private than a clinic.

Island Helpline is a 24 hour, bilingual, toll free, confidential and anonymous telephone service available to all Islanders. Island Helpline is operated by staff who are trained to listen and help callers generate solutions to problems. Island Helpline provides information, support or help in a crisis.

Call anonymously, 24 hours a day

Good luck to you.

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Sherri, Thanks I'll give it a try.