feeling so sad right now (m/c ment)

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feeling so sad right now (m/c ment)

I just am feeling soooo sad right now. I don't post a lot, haven't posted alot anywhere lately. The bleeding has slowed down so I guess that means that the m/c is almost done. I sit here and think, oh, on Monday I would have been 7 weeks and so on and so on...I had to cross out Nov 12th on my calender which would have been the day I was to have my first u/s if things had gone well. There is no sense is asking 'why' this happened, it just did. I know there was nothing I did, but the more I think about it the more real it becomes. I went and saw my primary MD and got back on an antidepressant, I have been taking them off and on since before I had my kidney transplant in 2001. Most recently I attempted to go off, and then all this stuff happened, and most days, although I did, getting out of bed was very difficult. I wish I didn't need a pill to help me feel "normal". KWIM? I just wish things were different. I hope you all don't mind that I come here from time to time and post. If I come here too often it is just a sad reminder of what we all have had to go through. I am sorry for all of your losses. I just needed to get this off my chest. Thank you for listening.

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I am so very sorry for your loss. If regularly posting here is not the best thing for you then you shouldn't. However, lurking and posting when you are up to it are perfectly acceptable forms of coping. All of the ladies here have been truly wonderful to me and will be the same for you I am sure. I understand not wanting to take pills. I hope that you find the peace that you deserve. Shelly

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I am sorry that you are feeling low, and i can identify with having to remove things from your calendar and diary etc. It really hurts to do that! I got a random email the other day telling me all about how fantastic it is to be 32 weeks pregnant. I thought i'd unsubscribed from them all and it came out of nowhere and floored me because i'd managed not to think about how far along i should be. Sad

I know you might not feel like it now, but you will get better, and you might need to take those pills now, but if you've come off them once you will again. There's nothing wrong with admitting that you need a little help to get past this. It's not easy.

Continue to post, or not to post exactly as you feel. We are here when you need us to be. :giveflower:

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I truly understand your pain. I am on anti depressants too. I was not on them during pregnancy but after my loss I could not deal. It has been 5 months. It does get easier, but you will always have an empty feeling in your heart. If I can help you in anyway please pm me. I think I have my email address there as well, you may email me.

I am so sorry about your loss. Come here anytime you need or want.


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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I understand how hard it is to face the dates. Tomorrow is my Lily's EDD. There are so many first dates ahead of me that I wish I could find a time machine and fast forward through them.

As soon as I was discharged from the hospital, I went to see my family doctor and went on AD. I'm sure they help but I still feel the grief. I went to see a naturopath on Friday and he gave me a remedy called ignatia. I am hoping that helps as well although I think it is just time that will help.

Sending you hugs,

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I am sorry for your loss and I hope this board can offer you some solace and compassion. I am still waiting to see me psych so I can go back on Zoloft and eventhough I know it won't take away the emptiness I am feeling I hope it will help.