Feeling sorry for myself.....

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Feeling sorry for myself.....

I just heard from a friend last night that another friend of ours is due June 13th....the day I would have been due had I not miscarried. It just brought all those feeling back to the surface...and having to keep it to myself, except for DH. *sigh*

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HUGS ( )

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Hang in there honey.

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I know this sounds weird, but doesn't it make you feel like someone "stole" something from you? It makes no rational sense, but I honestly prayed 2 years ago, for my friend NOT to have her baby on Sarah's day. She went a few days before and I guiltily was thankful. I just can't imagine celebrating someone elses birthday on that day. kwim? Anyway, just thought I'd say, "Hang in there."

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I know exactly what your mean! A few months after i lost my first one, a friend of mine told me she was accidentally pregnant. This time, my cousin got knocked up. Both had their babies very close to my dates and I do feel like they got my children. Totally irrational I know. But they didn't even want their children. Not really, ya know. The world is an unfair place isn't it.