final farewell...

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final farewell...

You came to me and shone your light
but God kept you for himself
I guess all the other angels
needed you to give them help

To stay with them in Heaven
shining light from up above
looking down and guiding us
sending us your love

I can't help but think "if only"
and "why did it have to be me"
and then I remember a spirit
is truly meant to be free

For even if I held you
and took you to my breast
my job was but to guide you
to go out and give your best

Out into the world
a world of good and bad
and hope that you'd find happiness
and never feel so sad

But I know through life's experience
it's full of ups and downs
for every measure of smiles
there's and equal portion of frowns

So maybe your short journey
in coming down to me
was meant for but a moment
so you could truly be free

But forevermore I will hold you
not in my arms, but in my heart
for even though you live with God
I truly loved you from the start

So for now I say farewell
but I'll never say goodbye
for I know we'll meet again one day
in our home up in the sky

author: me :cry:
Thanks you to all you wonderful ladies, for your ears, for your strength, for just being you.

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That was beautiful.....

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That was beautiful beyond words. I am in tears reading it. Thank you for sharing. Did you write that? I would like to post it in other places if that is okay. Also, if you did write it, I would like to give you the credit you so truly deserve.


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Thank you Shelley, yes I did write that this morning.... :cry:
Please feel free to share this with whomever you like, I hope it brings some peace to those that have suffered through loss. My heart goes out to you and you will always remain in my prayers.

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That's a gorgeous poem! Thank you for sharing with us. :giveflower:

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That was a very sweet poem.

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Wow..honey that was beautiful.......:bigarmhug:thanks sooo much for sharing that poetry with us

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That is very beautiful, thank you for sharing.


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These are beautiful words...