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I've been waiting forever for an autopsy report (Sunday the 10th was 6 months). I asked for it to be sent to my family doctor but it wasn't. A copy was sent to the high risk pg. unit that I was in and a couple of weeks ago they told me that the report didn't say much more than we already knew (edema from the fifths disease virus). I emailed back and asked if I could have a copy and she emailed me today to let me know that she will send me a copy in the mail. She also is trying to see if they took hand prints and foot prints so she can get those sent to me.

I just want the report in my hands. I know that I already know she died as a result of the virus but I just want something written about her (as impersonal as I know it will be). So hopefully it will arrive in the mail shortly. The prints would be an added bonus but I'm not holding my breath.

Just needed to share


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I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you get the prints too. I do have to say to be prepared at the emotions that will come. I knew that the report wasn't going to say anything and I knew that it would be cold and impersonal. When I got the report, though, it made me so angry that it was clinical and impersonal. I knew it would be and had to be, but it still made me mad and made me feel like they devalued my son's life. I am glad to hear that you will get the report finally. It is important to have it.


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That is great that you are finally getting the report. I hope they took hand and foot prints. I have foot prints of Rebecca. They are so tiny.

It is a great thing to have. They put them on the memorial certificate that I got at the hospital.


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Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that you won't have to wait anymore for the report. I hope you can find some comfort in reading it. Hugs to you, Kendall

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I am glad you are finally able to get the report. I was just like you and wanted everything that had to do with my daughter. I even went to the hospital and ordered all my medical records and read through every page and went through every fetal heartstrip. I don't know if I can stay it made me feel any better, but I do know it was something I had to do.

I hope they can give you handprints and footprints. That would be awesome.

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Glad you can finally get the report. Hugs!