Finally, a good day.

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Finally, a good day.

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Ok, ladies, you have listened to me rant and cry for months. I love you all for it. Today, you get to hear something good from me.

Some of you know that I am 40 and according to science, my eggs are old and if we are going to have a bio child, we have to do it NOW. Because of infertility issues we have to have IVF. I have been down this road last year so the process is not new to me.

I saw the RE today. I am a person that develops huge ovarian cysts. I have one. Normally, for me, they aspirate the cyst and I start taking the meds to stimulate multiple egg growth. I went in the doctors office (xanax in hand) prepared to have the cysts aspirated. It hurts terribly to have this procedure done. I always vomit and feel so awful after. They saw that it was a medium sized one, drew some blood and sent me to work saying that they would call after they got the labs and let me know when to come back for the aspiration. Evidently the labs were wonderful and the cyst isn't something to bother with this time. No 12 inch needle thru the vaginal wall to the ovary! I did a happy dance at work. This was the FIRST sheer happiness I have had since our daughter died. I have been dreading the IVF. Dreading the shots. Dreading the whole process. I think I have been setting myself up to fail. But today was good. Something good happened with this process. It FEELS like "something" happened in my favor today....I haven't felt that in so long.

I know I am rambling but I just had to share something positive with all of you. I love all of you that supported me so much.

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Good for you Lisanne, may all the best come from this.

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That's great news, Lisa! I'm so glad you had a good day.

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That's fabulous news!!! Yahoo So glad you got to do a happy dance! Biggrin

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I'm doing the happy dance for you after that visual of the needle.
Here is to more good days and good news.
:ladybug: (for luck.)